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NEW MUSIC: Kim Kardashian Releases First Single!

Kim Kardashian premiered her brand new single just moments ago -- and we want to know what you think of it!

The reality TV star dropped her single, "Jam (Turn It Up)," on Ryan Seacrest's radio show -- which includes lyrics like "Got my hands up, celebrate like it's my birthday, five more shots of tequila, I'm thirsty."

Kim also released some behind-the-scenes shots from the music video yesterday on her blog, showing her in Bo Derek braids for the Hype Williams-directed shoot. The music video premieres Sunday night.

Kim's single will be available on iTunes, with proceeds going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Listen to the song above, then let us know ...

Comments (37)

erica:  1428 days ago

She has said she doesn't drink, she is annoying

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KenzieQ:  1428 days ago should have given her the "Big Fat Bass" song... Seriously would have been GOLD.

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Caligirl:  1428 days ago

Voice is hidden by so many synthesisers, which is usually done to hide a voice that is not good or not strong enough.
It is not horrible by any means but not good enough for a career in singing. I know Kim is out to be everything: an actress, model, reality star, movie star, television star, fashion designer and a pop star but this is too too much.

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timmay:  1428 days ago

This chick needs to stick to getting a free pass thru life cuz of her trustfunded fat ass and drinking pis* habits.This crap of a song is another way for her to rip off her teenaged "fans", it is auto tuned and pro tooled to death and sounds like sh*t but I guess when you're only out for yourself and the bucks you can get ( K kard anyone ?) it should've been expected. She needs to work a real job and stop getting by on her so called ( gag )looks.

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Jason:  1428 days ago

WOW! What a JOKE!!! This song sucks.
Why is it that every wanna be star thinks they have so much talent? She should go back to keeping her mouth closed and just stand there and look good.
Her sister Khloe could have played Chewbacca on Star Wars.
The whole family is a huge laughable joke....

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Deb:  1428 days ago

This is music? What happened to actually having talent?

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Carriss:  1428 days ago

My Gawd!! That was WORSE than I thought it was going to be. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. Kim, I don't know what you're good at (except maybe porn), but singing isn't it. Go try something else; better yet, just stop trying.

Her 15 minutes have just about run out!

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Jules:  1428 days ago

This is terrible. Repetitive and annoying. She should stick to looking pretty, that's certainly a more bankable career.

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John:  1428 days ago

Chewbacca on Star Wars..funny jason..almost as funny as this song. my ears dear god stop this! paris hilton was better thats how bad this was! can you say duet?

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cheese:  1428 days ago


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Kristina:  1428 days ago

She is beautiful but she cannot sing. She needs to lose the braids, not a good look for her.

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Alex:  1428 days ago

looks like kim has to make another sex tape to get her career back on track after this song hits the radio hahah! nasty ass song

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ZB:  1428 days ago

Sounds like Brittney Spears synthasized

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M.N.:  1428 days ago

Another "play my song mr. DJ."

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Aime:  1428 days ago

With all the techno gadgets and effects these days anyone can sound like they can sing! This song sucks and she should stick to what she knows best. Wearing skin tight dresses! Other than that I see no talent! Its amazing! Anyone with money these days can pay their way into becoming a pop star!

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