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NEW MUSIC: Kim Kardashian Releases First Single!

Kim Kardashian premiered her brand new single just moments ago -- and we want to know what you think of it!

The reality TV star dropped her single, "Jam (Turn It Up)," on Ryan Seacrest's radio show -- which includes lyrics like "Got my hands up, celebrate like it's my birthday, five more shots of tequila, I'm thirsty."

Kim also released some behind-the-scenes shots from the music video yesterday on her blog, showing her in Bo Derek braids for the Hype Williams-directed shoot. The music video premieres Sunday night.

Kim's single will be available on iTunes, with proceeds going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

Listen to the song above, then let us know ...

Comments (37)

Ashley:  1426 days ago

This sounds like a continuation of Heidi Montag and that is not saying much I was not expecting Beyonce but I was expecting more out of the Dream since he is so talented. It's okay actually its worse than I thought but hey its her first time (hopefully her last LOL, atleast she's giving it away to charity!!

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lakerzrtheteam:  1426 days ago

OUCH! That really hurt my ears a lot!! Lyrics are really strange, I thought the tape was stuck most of time and if she thinks she has a voice, well, it ain't so, definitely one of the stinkiest things I've heard lately. I guess she thinks all her false body parts can help her sell anything. It's just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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Tammy:  1426 days ago

she getting paid butt please stick 2 wt u know sex taps nude pics,u can not sing omg the song sucks.

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Elizabeth:  1426 days ago

I wish she would just close her mouth. Shes a dumbass and cant carry a tune
Can someone please explain to me why she is so famous? She cant sing, she cant act
and to be honest she looks like a horse

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Alicia-Marie:  1425 days ago

Im sorry but this sh*t is pathedic!! Kim cant sing and the only reason this crap sounds somewhat good to other people is becuz they dubbed her voice so much. This is like Kim Z. from the real housewives of atlanta thinkin she sing!! somebody needs a reality check for real! And for The DREAM to EVEN want todo a song with her is jus krazi..not to mention nothin is ever enough for these mutha f*ckers first theyll start in music then move to fashion then go to acting(which half of'em fail in) then theyll try their hand in perfume n cologne(which some of teir scents are awful)..its like if it aint made for you then dont do it!! if your passion is singing/acting/fashion or whatever you startedout doing then stick to it! GREED is what it is and its sad becuz half of these celebs arent even good at half the sh*t they do outside of their main profession

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samantha:  1424 days ago

Great song... NOT this song sucks i least they should of made a good dance beat to it. SHE CANT EVEN DANCE EITHER. ON DANCING WITH THE STARS SHE EVEN SUCKED.

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kimkardashiansong:  1420 days ago

kim kardashian song jam turn it up rated worse song of the year

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