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TV: Miley Cyrus' SNL Promo Is 'Pretty Cool'

The first promos for Miley Cyrus on "Saturday Night Live" are her -- and she's already referencing the show's hilarious "Miley Cyrus Show" sketch by dropping the "It's pretty cool" catchphrase!

SNL released a couple videos of Miley with Kenan Thompson today, promoting this Saturday's episode -- which Cyrus is hosting.

The Strokes will be the musical guest.

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potash:  1415 days ago

she is the MOST talented female performer of the 21st century....lets all enjoy her fabulous stage presence and acting and stop looking for the flaws....we all have them.

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robyne:  1406 days ago

1. I think she is a very talented young lady!!! Miley you are such a wonderful young women!! That is being targeted because that's what everyone was waiting for at least she was 18 before you guys could find something to publish about her and for the so called friend that kept saying talk to me talk to me!!!! Miley being in the public eye, should have never been recorded to begin with how much $ did you get from her performance!!!! Love ya Miley you are a great performer keep it up lady and SNL love it

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ChloeWadsworth:  1401 days ago

MILEY IS SO TALENTED! she is by far one of the best actors on tv! she so deserves her career. We couldnt ask for a better job of her tbh! she was so funny on SNL and i think she should host more simular shows! i can see her going far! LOVE YOU SO MUCH MILEY =) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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