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EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey's Swanky Baby Shower Plans!

Mariah Carey will be swimming in blankets, rattles and Diaper Genies this weekend ... when she attends her baby shower in Beverly Hills!

TooFab has learned the pregnant singer's "Pink and Blue" shower will be held this Sunday night from 7pm-9pm at a swanky Bev. Hills hotel -- "Pink and Blue" because Carey's having a girl and boy with husband Nick Cannon.

The bash is being hosted by Mariah's publicist Cindi Berger, her manager Louise McNally and Stefano Zagni of Angel Champagne -- check out the full invite above!

We've also learned some of the items on Carey's gift registry for the shower, which includes a $2,000 custom-made bedding set for a crib, a $350 custom-made car seat cover, a $1,200 giraffe and, surprisingly, no Hello Kitty!

Mariah is due this Spring.

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Kathy:  1429 days ago

Really? She can't afford to outfit her nursery herself? This could have been a party where the gifts brought would be donated in her childrens' names to a local charity. C'mon...

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Joe:  1429 days ago

Kathy, that is a good idea. I think that is what Nicole Richie did. But to each their own.

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jen:  1429 days ago

you are totally right...if she wanted a baby shower she should just get the joy of having loved ones around her, not all the expensive gifts...she is well off with money....alot more than other are....and little does she know the expensive thigns are a waste of money, babies outgroww it sooo fast..i should know i am a mother of

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Christi:  1429 days ago

This is how the rich stay rich! The rest of us low class citizens will never be up to her high standards.

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Teresa:  1429 days ago

Why should she not get gifts for her babies? Who cares if she can afford to buy all the stuff herself? Showers aren't about not being able to afford it, it is about friends and family wanting to give gifts. Anyone who doesn't want to buy expensive stuff on the registry can buy whatever they are comfortable with. We don't know how much Mariah donates to charity on her own. I'm not even a Mariah fan, but I think begrudging her a gifts at her baby shower is crazy.

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rollsnide:  1429 days ago

Regardless of how you feel about her getting gifts (I'm in the "no" camp because she can afford things herself), printing registry info on an invitation is tacky, tacky, tacky.

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Jen:  1429 days ago

Actually it was Jennifer Gardner who started it? or at least she did it 5 years ago..... They get everything free to wear it once. I am sure all the baby designers and throwing stuff at her for free. Do you think JLo pays for her kids wearing Gucci?

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PhD2010:  1429 days ago

A baby shower is more than just a gift giving event. Its a celebration of the impending birth of babies.

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Brans:  1429 days ago

You guys are bashing her for having a baby shower? I'm sure if any of you had kids then you had a baby shower. Just because she has more money than us doesn't make her a bad person for having one. Geez.

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Courtney:  1429 days ago

leave Mariah alone she and Nick have wanted children for a long time and had to struggle through tragedy to have them. Um Spring Technically starts March 20th this year and multiples like twins naturally come earlier than a single baby does. the twins maybe her and Nick's only children so you shouldn't begrudge her a baby shower put yourself in her position if you miscarried a previous pregnancy then found out you were pregnant with twins wouldn't you want to celebrate that blessing to the enth degree. celebs having lavish baby showers is nothing new get over it

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Lisa:  1429 days ago

Wealthy people have wealthy friends. I'm sure her friends can afford nice gifts and would love to give them to her. If I were her friend, I'd be more than happy to give her what she wants.

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Hisjules:  1429 days ago


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Juan:  1428 days ago

Come on ppl, it a MARIAH'S BABY SHOWER! its probably gonna be the only time Mariah can have one of these, so I'm happy she is having a baby shower like common ppl would have. Plus a $1000, or a $3000 gift is nothing for the people invited to the shower. Im happy for her, Nick and the babies :)

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Dion:  1427 days ago

Come on people MARIAH can do what she wants , if your a true fan you are very aware that she has spent millons upon millions on charity! They the (media)won,t report that, Hero proceeds all 100% went to the victims in the new york trains 1992 accident, One sweet day proceeds , never too far/hero in 2001 went to 911 efforts, now the save the day new song will follow suit! Oh Camp Mariah fresh air fund so get off your ****ing high horse , stop hatin!!!

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