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FAB FOTOS: Kim Kardashian Gorgeous in Green for Midori!

Kim Kardashian's body in her new Midori ads will have fans green with envy!

The reality TV star shows off her curves in a brand new photo shoot for Midori Melon Liqueur, which Kim was named the new face of back in January.

Kim, who was never much of a drinker, says she decided she would "loosen up a little bit" when she turned thirty and the brand is now her "drink of choice." She adds, "I think everyone knows I'm not the biggest party girl, but I told my sisters I was going to finally loosen up, have a drink here and there and I'm loving it!"


In some behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, Kim describes her favorite drink, the Midori Super Sour, which is made with melon liqueur, sweet & sour mix and extra lemon juice.

Check out the video above for more details on the new season of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," what she does on her down time and tips on how to stand out in a crowd!

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terry hamilton:  1292 days ago

marry me

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gimmeshelter:  1292 days ago

It's just too funny to watch Kim talk about how she rarely drinks and isn't a party girl and didn't underage drink like so many of her friends did..HOWEVER, Kim, ya DID make a sex tape, ya posed for Playboy and basically strip every time you hear a camera shutter...sooo, what's your moral here? don't be a hypocrite? Just too funny.

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timmay:  1292 days ago

How much does this chick and her family pay you guys to keep her in the headlines? She's got nothing that millions of other women don't have, she's not "talented" in any of the usual ways... can't act, singing? AUTO TUNED,studio created crap, model? I've seen thousands who look better, her whole family is a PR creation and their "reality" show is scripted and dumbed down so even she can understand it so somebody please tell me WHAT IS the OBSESSION with her? Other than the trustfunded porno, friend of PARIS and her willingness to ripoff her teenaged fans ( K KARD ??)I just don't get it. So how much DO you get paid to promote her for doing NOTHING?? There are so many others who really do deserve your attention that its a shame all you zero in on is her....get over it already.

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gimmeshelter:  1291 days ago

Uhhh, let's see...Smashbox plug isn't too obvious. Wow, Kris Kardashian really pimped out her kids, huh? Kim's face is already looking like that of a middle-aged woman who's had too much work done. Is there anything this family won't whore themselves out for? Ugh.

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Giancarlo:  1291 days ago


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Hisjules:  1291 days ago


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dennis:  1291 days ago

Hey timmay & giancarlo. Why would the family pay anything for this article. The Kardashian girls made better than $55 million last YEAR. How did you do with your non fake, non plastic as*es? Oh, and the tape, made with her boyfriend at the time: it is alleged she got paid more than $10 mil. And you? And one film with your boyfriend does not make you a porn star. Tell me in how many photos on TMZ have you seen her drunk or high? She's had a few boyfr., but so did most of us or were you unable to have more than one girlfr/boyfr?

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RuKiddingMe:  1291 days ago

Yuck, she needs to lose weight, shes huge. At 5'2", she should weigh 105 pounds but she looks like shes 130/135. What a disgusting woman with talent. These people only care about money and do not give a **** about their morals. Keep pimping them out Kris. And Kim, lose the cellulite, it's gross.

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the truth:  1291 days ago

hey Kim how does it feel now that your not in the spotlight right now? i bet you kardashians hate it. I'm sure you all will come up with something to be in the spotlight . your show is going down , people are getting sick of the same hair you girls had forever. black/brown hair in the new dumb blond these days!!!!

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the truth:  1291 days ago

yes i hair and brown is definitely the new dumb blond lol !!!!! im going blond .its much prettier anyway.

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the truth:  1291 days ago

she does not need to lose weight. she looks fine. now kourtney needs to gain. i think shes to skinny.has anyone seen the pic of Kim all painted? she looked OK but her butt does not look normal. its shaped like a diaper and how many people have my name on here?!?! lol
now Khloe and Lamar are gonna have a show. I'm so sick of these kardashians . they are everywhere. i about had enough. Khloe should have left her hair red because it really looked good on her.

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Old Party Girls:  1288 days ago

Seriously...the shelf life on your career if you are a "professional party girl" is really short. Over 25 and you are basically old. 30 plus party girl is a senior citizen. Same for the "party guys."

That's why it is good to have a real talent (academics, business, music, the arts). Much longer shelf life on real talent!

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gabs:  1274 days ago

i really really would like to know where can i get that strapless green dress! Does anyone know the brand?

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Hmmm:  1211 days ago

I came across this article through another gossip site...I find it hilarious how all these people commenting are hating on Kim and the Kardashians, but at the same time they all read and watched about her. It's funny how they all wonder why this family is so popular, busy doing whatever they are doing, shows or what not... it's because they can and because people, even haters, pay so much attention to them. It's really funny!

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