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FAB FOTOS: Kim Kardashian's Sexy Music Video Sneak Peek!

While Kim Kardashian's song left some underwhelmed, the music video for it is sure to be hot!
Kim shared some behind-the-scenes shots from the "Jam (Turn It Up)" video shoot on her official website, where she writes "I swear Hype Williams is the most creative guy I know! He is a genius! He came up with all of the different looks and wanted me to experiment with looks that I had never tried before."

No word yet on when the video drops, but enjoy the sneak peek pics above for now -- and listen to the song again below.

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tylarone:  1422 days ago

Kim, make as much money as you can while you are this age, as beauty is only skin deep, and when your are 50,60... yrs old , no one will care. You should be looking for a mate, settling down, and maybe have children, as when you get old,girl, there is nothing else.Your mother likes money too much!No wonder it did not work out with Reggie. Sad.

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FAsh10nPr1nc3ss:  1422 days ago

This is another great publicity event for KIM K. Helping out St. Jude's Children's Hospital, this song will send donations to children who need medical procedures and help the charity assist the high financial costs. I for one think KIM K's charity work outshines her other work. I Googled KIM Kardashian and Jam with my DISH Network employee account and Logitech Revue's GOOGLE TV. Found this article. Find your news with

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brenda:  1422 days ago

Kim iS So Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !

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maribel89:  1422 days ago

its ok... maybe when the video is out itll sound a bit better??
i still do think shes just money hungry and all that comes behind it.. way tooooo over her head.. but thats ok i guess in todays society... oh and i do agree with the mother liking money too much too...

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kimkardashiansong:  1422 days ago

kim kardashian song jam turn it up rated worse song of the year

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Dontel:  1422 days ago

This song makes me want to shove a knife in my eye I know for sure Khloe is laughing her ass off. Kris you are just a money hungry female dog.

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p:  1421 days ago

Kim, yes she's beautiful. I think she's great as a model, playboy, etc. Leave the singing to singers though; this is all computerized sh*t that anyone can do......thumbs down, stick to what you're good.....this is a slap in the face to real singers....or maybe not, I'm sure a lot of people are getting a good much needed laugh from this....I guess everyone has a "Charlie Sheen" moment in them....

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Kesh:  1421 days ago


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Henry:  1421 days ago

Wow, this is so Erotically sexy. checkout my Blog at and earn upto $500 also shop 4 anything.

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tracy:  1421 days ago

Please dnt make music, you cant even dance what makes you think you can sing. Just stick to being a whore and crying one day bout people seeing you naked and then the next day saying you like it. Your a great role model to your sisters and that shows already and all other young girls. U make me so sick, i cant stand you

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Thelma:  1421 days ago

she kinda luks like nicki minaj with the long red n black hair....except her skin color, ofcourse.

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Georgiana Wren:  1421 days ago

What you're doing for St. Judes Children's Hospital is remarkable and I commend you for it.
Don't listen to the haters, they're just jealous.
Good luck with your video. I will buy one. Knowing the $ goes to my favorite charity makes me happy. You have the capacity to help the cause in a very big way. My little monthly pledge helps as well in a small way. All you haters, dig in your pockets and help too instead of providing lip service.

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ED:  1420 days ago

Kim keep on girl. Do what you want life is short. Charity $ ?? I hope it is all for them. Love You!!!!


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MIOS:  1420 days ago

people you need to just chill and calm down! she did this to have fun with it... hey if you can why not! Good for you Kim live your life to the fullest and accomplish all you want! XOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!

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Sophia Manolis :  1420 days ago

Why would you sing ....omg this is hilarious ...stop Kim ....!!! Guess what is Sophia Manolis ...Finding Greek Love my show is coming out will always look like **** compared to me.....

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