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FAB FOTOS: Suri Cruise Still Uses a Pacifier!

She may wear heels, use lipstick and get drinks from Starbucks, but 4-year-old Suri Cruise still uses a pacifier!

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' adorable daughter, who turns 5 next month was spotted sucking on the pacifier while shopping with her mom this weekend in Vancouver.

The two are in town while Tom films "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" with Jeremy Renner.

Check out the pics, then let us know what you think:

Comments (15)

Fran:  1420 days ago

Too old for a pacifier and too young for high heels!

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alyssa:  1420 days ago

that is just flat out bad parenting. throw the paci away...should have done that on her 1 yr old birthday

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Sultry:  1420 days ago

She was just too cute to be real. Tom and Katie need their a** whipped for allowing this child, nearing school age, to be sucking on a doggone pacifier!
Won't that make her bucktoothed? Just sayin

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Stef:  1420 days ago

Actually, my son had his "paci" intil he was almost 5, as well. We got rid of it before he started school. I tried everything to get him to give it up, but nothing worked. He literally had nightmares if he went to bed without it. Good parenting has nothing to do with it...when your little child is that attached to something, it's hard to take it away from them. And I spoke to our family doctor about it because I was concerned about his teeth, too, and I was told that it will only affect the growth of permanent teeth, so as long as he got rid of it before his baby teeth fell out and his perms started coming in, he'd be fine. And he's 12 now, and his teeth are perfectly straight, so I guess he was right. Suri is probably really attached to her pacifier and having been there, I know that Katie's probably tried to take it away, but unless it's really hurting them (which it's not), there's no need to just "take it" and leave the child feeling upset and hurt. As long as she gets rid of it before school, she'll be fine.

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julie:  1420 days ago

i think shes a little old but she dosent lead a normal life so if her paci gives her comfort and shes not hurting anyone let her go very few kids still have it at school

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Kaki:  1420 days ago

Probably some Hollyweird psych doc told them it was fine to use a paci and she's probably being breast fed too.

Sucking on pacifiers or thumbs causes the upper arch of the pallet to narrow and crowded teeth will result. Years of braces are the result.

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Kaz simply amaazingg!!:  1419 days ago

She litlle girl

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tam:  1419 days ago

my boys were both over 5 years old and still on a paci, That has nothing to do with being a bad parent. I would rather them suck on a paci than suck on their thumb. People needs to mind there own business and let Tom and Katie raise Suri!!!!

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Rachel:  1419 days ago

omg leave them alone it is none of our business why she still has the pacifier...and it's true it will only cause damage to the teeth if they still have it when their permanent teeth come in. If they let her have the pacifier, it is none of our business why they gave it to her. How would you feel if you child still had a pacifier and said you were a bad parent because you didn't take it away when they were one. Also if you take it away when they start getting teeth some babies would not have a pacifier after four months. i'm just sayin'

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C Dub:  1411 days ago reason whatsoever that a 5 year old needs a pacifier. If this isn't evidence that Tom and Katie are whackjobs then nothing is. Both my kids were weened off the paci at 8 months. Kids just don't need them very long.

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Danielle:  1411 days ago

I have a 4 yr old brother who still uses his pasifire, even though my parents dont want him to have it when he gets ready for a nap or starts getting crabby i get the "binky" out and give it to him.

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Amber :  1411 days ago

Here's a little first hand knowledge...I am 25 and wake up with my thumb in my to those who can actually take the paci away WHENEVER THEY feel comfortable, kudos to them. It's a comfort thing. They drag that kid all over the world non-stop, so if she wants a paci, leave her be...she'll get rid of it when she's ready...on a more personal note, my girls gave up theirs at about ages 2. But I wouldn't rip it from their mouths, either. Hollywood kids are never quite the same as the general populations', so back off.

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Cindy:  1409 days ago

If Suri wants to suck on a pacifier, she should do it at home. There is no reason why she has to do in public. It looks a little ridiculous. I've never seen a child of this age with one but I must admit I have seen older children sucking their thumbs. I guess her Mom knows what is best for her.

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Stacy:  1393 days ago

Paci at 4 almost 5 equals lazy parents IMO. My kids were both preemies and needed paci's to devleop muscles in their cheeks - thats the only reason they ever had one. Four months - gone. that was it. I think anything after 3 is ridiculous, and that approaching 1 is when it should be dropped. You are in control as parent. Just like training them to go to bed on their own - you might have a couple nights or week of hell, but you get through it and thats that.

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babylarry1yearold:  1252 days ago

im 40 years old and i still suck on pacifiers and im proud of it and my wife knows to

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