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PREMIERE: Willow Smith's '21st Century Girl' Music Video!

Willow Smith is following up her hit "Whip My Hair" with a brand new music video for her second single "21st Century Girl" -- where the 10-year-old singer holds a desert dance party!

The video, shot by Rich Lee and featuring Cicely Tyson, debuted today on Vevo ahead of its TV premiere tonight on "106 and Park."

Check out the full video above -- and some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot below!

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Comments (5)

Heather:  1423 days ago

Why does a 10 year old need 20 somethings in her video are we trying to get an "adult" following? Nothing like pimping out a 10 year old like she's in her 20's....sad really. She's really cute. To bad she's going to burn out by the time she's 16.

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telma xavier:  1423 days ago

i love har..................

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Hisjules:  1423 days ago


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kim:  1417 days ago

nothing like wiping the hair vid loved it

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protecther:  1345 days ago

Please wake up now and love your daughter enough to stop this before it is to late. Money is not as important as your daughters future happiness and health. I have always thought highly of you and your choices as a performer but you are not protecting her treasuring her faith in you. I fear we will soon see her take the same path as all the other young people in hollywood. Love the precious gift you have been given and protect her until she is 18 and old enough to decide what she wants. Spend your time on her education!

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