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Britney Spears Shows Skin, Talks Rihanna, Plastic Surgery & Gay Marriage

Britney Spears is showing off some serious skin in the latest issue of OUT Magazine -- where she opens up about gay marriage, plastic surgery and why she's jealous of Rihanna.

Spears, who is one of the magazine's "April Ladies We Love" cover girls, says she models her career after Madonna, "No question. She is an amazing entertainer. Besides Madonna, I also admire Sarah Jessica Parker’s career and her shoe collection."

Brit also addresses gay rights in the article, saying "I think everyone should be treated equally" when asked about gay marriage ... and adding "I love my boys no matter what" when asked how she'd react if one of her sons turned out to be gay.

As for music, Britney says that while she's never regretted recording a single song ("All of my songs are f-ing amazing"), there's one out there she wishes she could have been a part of -- Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie.”

Spears, who turns 30 this year, adds that she's not opposed to going under the knife -- telling the mag "When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider it."

For more from Britney, check out the full interview on OUT's website!

Comments (85)

concern citizen:  1423 days ago

It dosen't matter how much you do her up, we've all seen what she really looks like underneath all the hair and makeup - hell - we'd all look good if we had teams working on us - I will never look at her the same again - I hope she is mentally ok now and wish her well but come on stop trying to show us that she's gorgeous or stunning when a few minutes later we'll see a picture of her all disheveled and dirty looking - it's time for her to back away and just be a mom for awhile.

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Suzy:  1423 days ago

Her leg looks gigantic! Out of porportion or sometin?
Hollywood needs to shut down.

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Tara:  1423 days ago

I love Britney. She's so honest.

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Laura:  1423 days ago

I've never been a huge fan of Britneys music but I definitely admire her courage. I couldn't possibly imagine having the spotlight on me 24/7 in every ounce of my business. She has stummbled and fallen and gotten back up. That is amazing. I think I would have ran as far as I could have and never looked back. I think she sends a powerful message to women, young and older, you don't have to be perfect, be yourself and if you make a mistake, move on.

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Alexis:  1423 days ago

@Concern Citizen

I couldn't agree more. I will always remember her in the hair salon with that crazy look on her face shaving her head. An BTW, she is not aging well.

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we know:  1423 days ago

I agree with concern citizen...We already know what she looks like and a good makeup artist can make the ugliest of people look drop dead gorgeous...Looking forward to seeing her plastic surgery disasters when she decides to put things back where they used to be...That should be coming soon... Her singing sounds like Minnie Mouse on helium...Im so over it...Used to be a fan but all the crotch showing, baldness, craziness...I just can't forget it..

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.:Loki4Ever:.:  1423 days ago

I HATE pop music. I could care less about what she thinks or any pop star for that matter.

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lizzy84:  1423 days ago

Oh come on! Anyone can get back into shape, just because of a couple bad pictures doesn't mean she is ruined forever. Even in her "bad" pictures she looks normal! I would LOVE to look as HALF as good as she does! Stop hate'n, I'm sure who ever are the ones talking crap about her are dog ugly anyway.

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DaChopssss:  1423 days ago

I love me some Britney, but I don't think she looks good at all these days. She has no twinkle in her eyes and she looks exhausted, even in her videos. I'm sorry, but I don't find these pictures of her flattering at all...the one with her leg in the air makes her look GIGANTIC. Plus, she walks around 99% of the time looking rough. She should really think about revamping her image and not go for the little clothes, sexy look because it comes off looking all wrong for her now.

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Kath:  1423 days ago

Wow, airbrush much? Can barely see her under all the artistic enhancements.

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Lauren L:  1423 days ago

horrid pose

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maloy:  1423 days ago

GROSS!!!!! I am not interested in seeing her private parts! Please spare us these kinds of pictures!

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Anna :  1423 days ago

I <3 Britney Spears and her new album

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Farmer Waltz:  1423 days ago

She is worthless. There are a lot of pop stars I despise, but the fact that she's marketed as a gorgeous, interesting goddess and people lap it up is disgusting. She doesn't take care of herself, she neglects her children, and her stupid antics, not her "talent", are the only things keeping her in the news. The music companies have so much invested in her and they don't want their product to suddenly turn into the fat piece of white trash she was destined to be. Then people won't buy her albums or pay hundreds for concert tickets.

The real talent are the producers, musicians, make-up artists, hair dressers, PR people and personal trainers behind the scenes that somehow make her look like a functional human being. At least she admits to wanting plastic surgery. She'll need to compete with all the up-and-comers that are already taking her place.

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Michael:  1423 days ago

OMG, she is a dancer you nutters, and she supports the community and takes a stand so, whatever. Hope you all have mirrors to look into when you make your nasty comments. Hardly anyone isn't photoshopped these days, less your 14, so see the positive and move into the light, and pray that icons will always stand by us even when you hate and they don't.

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