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ON THE SET: Ewan McGregor Gets Pummeled for Film!

Filming for Ewan McGregor's next movie hasn't even wrapped ... but it already looks like a big hit!

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The studly star and butt-kicking co-star Gina Carano sparred on the beach yesterday while shooting the flick "Haywire" in L.A. -- and from the looks of it, McGregor's character lost ... badly.

It's no surprise Carano packs a punch -- in real life she's a mixed martial arts fighter and also appeared as "Crush" on the recent relaunch of "American Gladiators."

According to IMDB, the movie revolves around a black ops super soldier (Carano) who "seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission."

Check out all the fighting photos!

Comments (8)

Hisjules:  1424 days ago


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Superman:  1424 days ago

She looks fat. Is that from using steroids? What shame! She used to be pretty.

And the cornrows suck ass! Why does ANYBODY have cornrows?!?! It's UGLY!

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pizza:  1424 days ago

I agree, she looks much bulkier than before. Maybe just a bad picture in a weird costume?

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J Simp:  1423 days ago

Gina looks great! Kickass fighter too.

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michael:  1423 days ago

man i wanted to punch her in the face wen she was doing that interview during fedor vs silva she seemed high as ****.....she dont look fat man she looks nice n thick i would tap that all day...but the ****ing hair wtf man that **** is SKANKY

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MichaelCurtis:  1417 days ago

She is huge. they have about 6 photos out from this scene and she looks huge in all of them. She has touble cutting weight for fights too, idk if she will make 145. and she always does that with her hair, almost every fight. see...

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Jim:  1411 days ago

First of all .. she does not look fat. She is a professional athlete so she obviously is bigger and stronger than most male actors who tend to be smaller and thinner than they look on screen. If she is going to kick McGregor's ass on screen she should LOOK like she can kick his ass. She does ... and she looks hotter than hell too.

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Jason:  1403 days ago

You guy's are on crack !!1 She's CRAZY Hot !!

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