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LISTEN NOW: Two New Britney Spears Songs!

Britney Spears' "Femme Fatale" doesn't come out until March 29 -- but full versions of the songs are dropping online today ... and they're good!

Both "Inside Out" and "I Wanna Go" found their way around the Internet this morning and we've got them for you to listen to right now!

First up: "I Wanna Go," which was produced by Max Martin and Shellback -- who previously collaborated together for Britney's "If U Seek Amy."

Up next: "Inside Out," which was produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Billboard.

Sound off below on the songs -- and pre-order the album now at iTunes!

Comments (14)

preeves:  1420 days ago

I'm glad I can hear the leaks...if I had to hear all 16 songs brand new at once I might explode from the awesome.

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Regina:  1420 days ago

I think this is the best album yet - I love her songs - she has it going on !!!!

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Jeff:  1420 days ago

These are both hot, but "I wanna go" is still the better of the two. There's already a remix out of it:

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Annechantal:  1420 days ago

The whole album leaked. Not just these songs.

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$$:  1420 days ago

Sorry...she had better songs as a Mouseketeer...

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prttymonster:  1420 days ago


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nellie:  1420 days ago

i love her. she's GREAT! but dammit, where all the slow lovey dovie songs at?! -___-

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SHJA:  1420 days ago


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kimmie:  1420 days ago

i love you britney and always have been a huge fan! I feel so guilty for listening to all her leak songs but I can't help myself! i'm still going to buy your album though! love ya britney. xoxo

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christie:  1420 days ago

all i have to say eh...nothing special

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lucy:  1420 days ago

all i hear is pure engineering....lots of voices mixed in....her voice has never matured....sounds exactly the same on each and every cd.....thats why you rarely hear ballads....can`t do much engineering on those.

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Brightside :  1420 days ago

OMG britney sux i mean all her songs sound the same and her voice is so squeaky and annoying.. her songs sound like little kidsbop radio disney songs... b96 usually plays good ****!

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superfex:  1418 days ago

This is defititely , withjout a doubt, the BEST album that Britney has ever released. I love it was fantastic on first listen and now I cannot tell you how much I lADORE it! The only track I skip is “Hold it against me" which actually sounds lower and better on the album than the single, I am so glad all the other songs are better than HIAM. I LOVE Criminal and I think I Wanna Go is another super hit like TOXIC! I hated BFB at first and now I think it is a genius track for the album. I love the vocals on the album which are there to be an “Instrument” played in the songs. Britney is the ONLY singer that uses her voice in this way! She bends the words and mispronounces them to fit the "sound " of the song! Britney's timing is impeccable, (this is why she is an outstanding dancer..... her sense of timing is like nobody else's ...I have noticed how she can join a group of dancers halfway through a dance and she does it instinctively not in a learned way) and this is such a huge part of her appeal! Her sense of rhythm NEVER lies to her and that's why she can always pick the RIGHT songs to sing and record. She knows what people will FEEL!

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Joe:  1415 days ago

Ms. Britney has done it again.
This ablum is Great from start to finish. I usally have to skip a few songs when I'm listening to album, but, every song on this record is great!

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