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BABY NEWS: Victoria Beckham Is Having a Girl!

0311_beckham_singleIt's official -- Victoria Beckham will finally have a child to share her style with!

At a press conference for the Galaxy today, David Beckham confirmed speculation that he and his wife will be having a little girl.

The couple already has three sons: Brooklyn, 11,  Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5 1/2.


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stina:  1418 days ago

Well, money CAN buy you everything.... ( A clinic i LA are helping parents to get a baby with the "right" gender)

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enkit:  1418 days ago

you don't know that, and it's insulting to say that about someone.

Congrats to them!

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H:  1418 days ago

If that was true #1 then she wouldn't of had 3 boys before having a girl!! Congrats to Posh!!

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Hisjules:  1418 days ago


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Tracey:  1418 days ago

Congratulations 2 them both, maybe now she will hav somethin 2 smile about, she has always wanted a baby girl. Every woman deserves th family she wants, & they can certainly afford 2 hav a large family

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CandyCane:  1418 days ago

Congrats to the Beckhams. I'm sure their daughter will be as beautiful as they are. People need to stop hating on others and grow up.

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Lily:  1418 days ago

I'am really happy for them;) I think, I read somewhere that she wanted a girl, she is one lucky lady- she has it all:)

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Angie:  1408 days ago

Beckham's... A beautiful family with a lot of class and many blessings! Congratulations.

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sarika:  1408 days ago

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so happy. its about time. im so happy for dacid i love so freaking muck =)

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