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NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PICS: Kate Middleton's Bikini Body!

Kate Middleton is royally hot!

media_removed_toofab 102011
Some never-before-seen photos of Prince William and his future bride on vacation in Ibiza, Spain back in 2006 have resurfaced -- where Kate shows off her impressive body in a white bikini.

The couple is set to tie the knot at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29.

Check out their sexy vacation photos above!

Comments (14)

joe d:  1415 days ago

No one reads this dank dusty site.


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HackSaw:  1415 days ago

I'd hit it.

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Jeanie:  1415 days ago

@ #2 comment:

"I'd hit it"

DO YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT for women? All men seem to view women as objects, and it's sickening...I hate seeing comments like this--because it's indicative that you have a dark soul, and you're a jerk. NO WONDER girls are turning gay...GUYS LIKE THIS are SUCH turn-offs!!

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prettymolly:  1415 days ago

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slj:  1415 days ago

the lady has clearly been working out. Go Grl.

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BroRo:  1414 days ago

Chill out Jeanie. Get off your soapbox and take a breather!

Kate looks great! She's healthy and it shows!

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John:  1414 days ago

Jeanie: I know girls like you. The type that get all bent out of shape when guys make comments like that. However, as usual, when push comes to shove, most girls end up dating and marrying those guys. Girls say they want a nice guy but they really don't. The want a bad boy that they can change into a nice guy which usually doesn't work. So you're left in a souless loveless shell that makes you lash out at all men.

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Just Another Dude who can see through fakesters:  1414 days ago

John, I know guys like you. They never condemn anything that is said by a man. They think they can rule over women. They want a maid who will do everything that they want which usually doesn't work. Sooner or later, things get ugly, and she leaves you. So you're left in a soulless loveless shell that makes you lash out at all women and spend all your waking time on the internet.

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Jen:  1387 days ago

These aren't never-before-seen pictures. There is an entire spread of this same day, all pictures of Kate in this 2-piece, in this month's "Maxim". But way to take the credit,

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zhiliang:  1374 days ago

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lulu:  1322 days ago

sorry jeannie, but everything i've read about kate has been focussed on her appearance. if she was frumpy, nobody would give a **** about her.

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Mar:  1316 days ago

Anyone notice that William is balding and not very fit?

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Celebutauntaun:  1241 days ago

Oh Jeanie please. The bikini was made to be appealing. If women do "turn gay" from men expressing their instinctive heterosexual thoughts, then don't you think women who are gay would feel the same way about women or are you one of those fooling yourself that they are only attracted to boyish-looking women?

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