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BEAUTY: Reese Witherspoon Without Makeup!

Today in our ongoing Stars Without Makeup series: Reese Witherspoon!

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The Oscar-winning actress was spotted out today with a makeup-free face after an exercise class in Beverly Hills.

Check out the gallery above for a better look at Reese, plus see which other stars have stepped out with a fresh face!

For a more glam Reese, check out the trailer for "Water for Elephants," co-starring Robert Pattinson.

Comments (7)

Norman :  1415 days ago

i must say there are some homely looking females in Hollywood. Can you imagine waking up to that in the morning? I call that that coyote ugly. Show more pics without makeup and watch their ratings drop. phew.

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Hisjules:  1415 days ago


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moso:  1415 days ago

Who isn't homely looking without make-up?
Give me a break!!!
She was at the gym!!!! Why should she dress to impress all of the time??
She looks like any other normal person.
And the camera men take the most appealing pictures for these things anyways!!!

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prettymolly:  1415 days ago

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ben:  1415 days ago

that just shows people from hollywood aren't as good as everyone says they are as hollywood as fake as everyone says it is

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pierrette:  1415 days ago

i dont't know what you people are bitching about here , she went to the gym SFW !!! like you people are such beauties . she is a normal person when not working , let's get that word straight "working" and i think she look quite healthy without make-up and natural... you people are such phonies ... really get a freakin life !!!!!

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Hisjules:  1409 days ago


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