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FAB FOTOS: Lindsay Lohan's Spa Retreat!

Lindsay Lohan escaped the media circus in L.A. this week by traveling across country -- where she was seen checking out spa treatments in NYC.

media_removed_toofab 102011
Lindsay, who was sporting DL 1961 Britney in Nile Premium Denim jeans, a pair of cute cowboy boots and some new pink hair coloring, stopped by the aptly named S.O.S. Day Spa with her brother Michael Jr. last night.

We're guessing the relaxing spa environment was a welcome change from the madness of paparazzi that met her at both LAX and JFK airports earlier this week.

Click the pic above to get a closer look at Lindsay's NYC style!

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themare:  1419 days ago

So I guess Michael doesn't have a job, either. What, does the whole family sponge off Lindsay. And Mike, lose the Dumb and Dumber haircut!

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