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TV: Ashley Hebert Named New 'Bachelorette'

0315_bachelorette"Bachelor" Brad Womack found love on last night's season finale -- but one of the women he eliminated will be back on TV hoping she can find her match too.

Ashley Hebert, who was sent home just shy of the finale, will star on "The Bachelorette" when the new season kicks off this May.

According to an ABC press release, the 26-year-old dental student "fell in love once on "The Bachelor," so she truly believes that it will happen again - and this time she will be ready and open to express her feelings to the right guy."

Ashley also says her ideal date "would consist of a night staying in with her guy, a bottle of wine, music and a roaring fireplace."

We'll see if anyone takes her up on it when the new season starts May 23.

Comments (47)

meg:  1418 days ago

BOO. I did not like her, nor will i care about her season..

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Sheri:  1418 days ago

Why in the world would they pick her. She wasn't a favorite, she was just a mousey, insecure person. I think whoever picked her made a HUGE mistake!!

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Brad:  1417 days ago

I grew up in Madawaska Maine and went to school with her sister. She comes from an amazing family and has a great heritage. For those of you booing, stop being jealous and don't judge a book by its cover. She seems like a great person and she had all the right to be insecure because of what Brad did his first time on the show...he is a pig!!! I hope she finds true love...I found true love five years ago and everybody deserves that in life. So go Ashley and find happiness, you definitely deserve it.

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Maddie Muse:  1412 days ago

ABC needs to stop using recycled Bachelors and Bachelorettes! Get creative!

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Nancy:  1412 days ago

She couldn't make up her mind about her career or a husband so what will she do now? I pity the guys on the new season, word of advice make sure she is ready to commit!

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nancy bartlow:  1412 days ago

i liked her, i was hoping brad would pick her . he had alot of fun with her and her family,

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Dawn:  1412 days ago

I am so disappointed. I could hardly bear to watch her when she was on the Bachelor. I will not watch. How could you think she was a favorite? You had to completely do a makeover on her to even make her look good. I can not take her squeeling ad whining for another season. She was not a good choice...sorry!

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jen:  1412 days ago

This is sooo stupid.. the show needs to move on and pick people who have never been on the show.. i cant believe their doing this again picking someone that has already been on it.... all i can say is wow!! and honestly am getting sick of it

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Hayley:  1412 days ago

YUCK! Didn't like her on The Bachelor, and will not watch her as the Bachelorette! Boring, Boring, BORING!

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Jackie I:  1412 days ago


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melissa carey:  1412 days ago

Seriously? Really? She couldn't commit the first time, she crumbled like a typical little girl....Why not pick a woman who really wants to find love, and not some hasben, whos just trying to get back at Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JACKIE:  1412 days ago


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Sue Savage:  1412 days ago

I love her she was a real person sincere smart and beautiful Go Ashley!!!!!

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Val:  1412 days ago

I agree with everyone else. Boo! She was a giant whiner & I was glad to see her go the first time. Maybe she'll be better when she's in control this time?

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Judith Lange:  1412 days ago

Great choice. She knew Brad loved Emily, so way play the game any longer. She is fun and cute. Too smart to be a fooled by Brad any longer. Womack loved Emily, but he had to complete the series.

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