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TV: Robin Antin Teams with Kim Kardashian for Reality Show!

Robin Antin and the Pussycat Dolls are expanding their empire -- and Kim Kardashian is getting in on the deal.

TooFab has learned that Antin, who co-created the Dolls back in 1995, has teamed up with Kim Kardashian's production company to produce a reality show based on the growth of the PCD franchise -- which already includes a recording group, workout videos, a Hollywood revue and the Pussycat Doll Lounge in Las Vegas.

Sources close to the production tell us the show will also revolve around the creation of a NEW Pussycat Dolls recording group.

Antin is no stranger to reality TV -- she previously worked on "The Search for the Next Doll" and "Girlicious."

Kardashian previously produced the E! show "The Spin Crowd."

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Hisjules:  1412 days ago


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DELILAH:  1412 days ago

She can't work hard on her own? I'm talking about Robin Antin, She uses Kim Kardashians help? PATHETIC!!!!

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Mozhda:  1410 days ago

I can't wait for this show !! :D

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elena:  1408 days ago

it”s all about money here:)

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Pandora1989:  1402 days ago

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Karen:  1400 days ago

I really want this show! I loved the first search for the next pcd and in fact I am watching my tape of that show right now! Loved the show, can't wait for another one!

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Isabella Rottura:  1399 days ago

OMG kardashian is going to grace us with her talentless producing OMG say it isn't so. That spin crowd show if thats what your producing please don't bother yeah that was a spin alright.Isabella rottura from DOWNUNDER

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