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BABY NEWS: Rachel Zoe Goes Into Labor!

0322_zoe_singleRachel Zoe has gone into labor -- TooFab has exclusively learned!

Sources close to the "Rachel Zoe Project" star tell us she is currently at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

This will be her first child with husband Rodger Berman. Zoe recently told WWD that she was having "a little boy."

While pregnant, Zoe never let her baby bump get in the way of being stylish -- and was spotted just last week rocking 6-inch leopard print boots from Brian Atwood (above).

So far, no comment from Zoe's camp.

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Courtney:  1412 days ago

hopefully her son is born healthy though I doubt he will be

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laura:  1412 days ago

wow courtney, what a way to be a pessimist. although, i do hope the baby is ok. isn't it too early for her to give birth?

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Agnes Gawronska:  1412 days ago

she was 38 weeks pregnant on March 11. so that would make her spot on 40 weeks pregnant now ;)

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puck momma:  1412 days ago

Love Rachel, could never afford the life she lives so I enjoy watching her on tv. As for if the baby is preemie or not , my 1st daughter was born 3 mos. early to the day at 2pds. 11oz. and she is now 11 and doing just fine.

If she ate and took care of herself really well than I think everything will go fine....

I do hope she ate enough and did not throw it up... Wish her and all mothers all the best..

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andie:  1412 days ago

she is 38 weeks which is only two weeks early and a lot of women have their babies two weeks early.

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Joanna:  1412 days ago

She is do in the beginning of April, so she isnt that early. Hope she has a smooth delivery and a healthy baby

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Jody:  1412 days ago

First of all, congrats to Rachel and Roger!!! So happy for you both. What an exciting time. Good luck!! And secondly, really? Someone would say something sooo ugly? Wow. I'm sure you were there every step of the say? You have some clue as to her health? Why even post anything? Guess if we're not obese then we're unhealthy? haha

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Tam:  1412 days ago

Hope all goes well!!! Good luck to the new little family!

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Katrina:  1412 days ago

Good for her! I hope she has a smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy! :)

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Dianne:  1412 days ago

Rachel and Roger...good luck with your new life, and I agree with the positive folks on here...Why be so ugly...take a happy pill or something...God bless the baby and hope he has lots of hair...I cannot wait to see his outfits..

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Sheila:  1412 days ago

Good luck to Rodger and Rachel. You will be great parents.

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Moi:  1412 days ago

Happy for them and praying all goes well. Can't wait to see baby's fabulous fashions.

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holly:  1412 days ago

i think having a baby will be the best thing for rachel, she'll see how trivial all of the rest of that stuff she was doing really is. best of luck to her and roger ( whom i love!)

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Ginny:  1412 days ago

The baby will most likely be underweight as it doesn't appear she got over her ability to eat during her pregnancy.
She wears and promotes fur, so I don't care for her.
I think I will go tack up some pictures of how many animals it takes and how they are electrocuted in the rectum to wear what she does.

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Brianna:  1412 days ago

No kiddin... real rude! its alright thou =) im sure his just fine. congrats on tha baby. its going to be excitding im sure.

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