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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Pranks Willow Smith on Stage!

Will Ferrell isn't the only one who wants "More cowbell!"

Justin Bieber pranked his tour mate Willow Smith on stage during a concert Sunday night -- and Ryan Seacrest posted video of the hilarious stunt.

While singing her single "Whip My Hair," Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and "swagger coach" Ryan Good popped out of nowhere in wigs and makeup -- and were quickly followed by Justin himself, who couldn't resist adding some much needed cowbell to the tune.

Willow's brother, Jaden, also joined in on the action -- and started whipping his hair around his surprised sis on stage.

It doesn't look like Willow's going down without a fight though -- after the show she tweeted "my big brothers Justin and Jaden pranked me on stage tonight...#payback!!!

Check out the video, plus photos from the show above!

Comments (11)

Elsa Nana Nzepa:  1410 days ago

OMG. dese kids r so adorable!!!!!!! i fil so old wen im only 18. dey luk lk ey having so much fun!!!!!! love dese kids!!!!!

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faith:  1410 days ago

i hope she gets justin back.i will love to see that.but it was really funny

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Rachael:  1410 days ago

Willow is well on her way to being a NUTCASE. How stupid, with all her parent's money, they dont give these kids an education so they can contribute to society- instead they create attention-craving crazy people. So sad.

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Matt:  1410 days ago

Rachael, you fail :)

Every Celebrity parents have their own rights and choice to let their kids to do acting and music so there is nothing wrong with that. So why don't you just shut up and get a life. All celebrity kids do have education and it is called " Home-Schooled" do you ever heard of that ? I bet you don't.

you are a sad loser Rachael :)

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Hisjules:  1410 days ago


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steve:  1410 days ago

"Will Ferrell isn't the only one who wants "More cowbell!"? Idiot. It was Christopher Walken who wanted "More cowbell!"

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dfsgfds:  1410 days ago

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camaguey:  1410 days ago

MY - GOD! You HAVE GOT TO be kidding! This kid isn't even gracious, the hair kid. I am embarrassed. Unbelievable.

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you know it:  1410 days ago

they stole her thunder! how would they like it if she came out and disrupted one of their songs while performing?

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sistaelle:  1410 days ago

Will has talent and made it on his own. I applaud him. His kids are growing up with it all being served up to 'em- the attitude of entitlement isn't attractive.

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@BiebsWillow:  1409 days ago

JUST ADORABLE!!! pls follw me on twitter @BiebsWillow :) <3 justin and willow 2!!! <33

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