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FIRST LOOK: New Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki on Set!

We've got some brand new photos of TV's new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, on the set of the superhero show -- where she looks just as good out of that tight new costume as she does in it!

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While TooFab voters preferred Lynda Carter's suit over the shiny new one, it's hard to argue Palicki doesn't look gorgeous in that white dress -- looking voluptuous in character as WW's alter-ego Diana Prince.

Elizabeth Hurley, who plays a villain on the new show, was also seen recently on set -- where she was still looking sexy at 45.

Wonder Woman fans will have to wait until Fall to see if the show's any good ... but, for now, as least we know it'll be pretty.

Click the gallery to get a closer look at Palicki in and out of the super-suit!

Comments (8)

anonymous:  1407 days ago

She looks awful. She looks nothing at all what Wonder Woman would look like. Her features are harsh.

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anonymous:  1407 days ago

She doesn't fit at all. They should have gotten someone who looked more sincere and gentle. That's how I've always seen Wonder Woman; kind and sincere. Adrianne does not fit at all. I hope she does a great job and fits the role.

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rosa:  1406 days ago

the casting must have been on drugs
when they pic this one dame what the
heck happen she is butt ugly

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lele:  1400 days ago

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lele:  1400 days ago

Palicki is definitely the sole reason to watch this thing.

If she wasn't it in, I couldn't seriously care less about this.

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