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LISTEN NOW: Lady Gaga Goes Country with 'Born This Way'

Never one to shy away from trying something new, Lady Gaga has gone country!

The pop singer released a country version of her new single "Born This Way" this morning -- where she exchanges her electronic sound for something a little more natural.

The singer released the song via her Twitter late last night and we want to know what you think of it!

Listen above, vote below.

Comments (13)

amanda:  1405 days ago

I dont understand how anyone could think this is country.It takes more than a guitar and harmonica to be country.This chic is just looking to make a dollar.This is sad,She was born this way.Greedy!

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Kaylee:  1405 days ago

It's not country but it is better

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Really??:  1405 days ago

I'm going to be highly upset if I hear this crap on country radio!

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Rogerindallas:  1405 days ago

I like the idea of having a country version of the song. She visited the Round-Up Saloon, a gay country western bar in Dallas, three times since 2008. I would hope that helped her to decide to do a country version. We are proud of her and happy for her success since she first came to us in 2008, before she became as famous as she is now.

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Debbie Jean:  1405 days ago

I'm not a Lady Gaga fan, she's a little too crazy for me, but I have to say; I really like this version. I have know idea what the original version is like, but this is awesome. I'm a country gal, country music lover. This isn't true country but does have a little country twist in it. I love it Lady Gaga.

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grrrrr:  1405 days ago

Such trash. Watch PJ Harvey:
That will cleanse you.

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ctti:  1405 days ago

It's not bad but it's definitely not country. Nice touch with the harmonica, though.

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Gina:  1405 days ago

good grief , this girl is so stupid , NOT COUNTRY ! needs to leave the country .. get a job girl ..

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Drew:  1404 days ago

Folks need to relax. She's not Ke$ha, she's not Britney - she's got a super positive message and is the probably the least bull**** of any pop singer I've seen in the last 20 years.

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jim:  1404 days ago

people need to open there ears, it may not be true country but its pretty good has a good beat and you can hear her voice not like britney and the rest of those jokes who sing thru a machine.I'm almost 60 love rock, hard rock but am open to new music, GaGa is refreshing.

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Lexy:  1403 days ago

She obviously cannot sing country. Horrible horrible. It's barely different than her original, except for the music.

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XX:  1403 days ago

Its funny how some people claim music artists are greedy for money just because they attempt a song in a different music genre. Do you ever think that maybe they just want to bridge different music styles for the sake of trying something different? People need to stop acting as if music artists are the enemy or part of some evil empire.

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melissa:  1272 days ago

Sorry i listen to alot of different music never cared for hers, she is no country singer , this would be a mistake, but some crazy people will buy it

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