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Britney Spears Performs on 'GMA,' Announces New Tour!

Britney Spears is going on tour this summer -- and this morning, she gave a sneak peek of what to expect when she performed on "Good Morning America."

The singer, who broke news on the morning show by saying she'll hit the road with Enrique Iglesias this summer, performed three songs in a concert filmed Sunday in the Castro district of San Francisco.

Spears "sang" the first two singles from her new album "Femme Fatale," "Hold It Against Me" and "Till the World Ends" (Watch above!), plus a third song, "Big Fat Bass."

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Britney said the tour kicks off in June -- check out tour dates and locations here!

UPDATE: Enrique Iglesias has reportedly dropped out of the tour. No other details were immediately available.

UPDATE #2 (11:20am PT): The Morning Mash Up on Sirius just asked Britney about the reports Enrique has dropped out -- She replied "I think he is coming."

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Annette Ardoin:  1406 days ago

Shame on you Good Morning America and ABC!!!
You are only promoting sex and promiscuity to our teens and tweens by having Brittany Spears on your show this morning! Disgusting and it ought to weigh heavy on your shoulders as our country watches teen sex, drugs, sexting, irresponsibility go rampant among our teens and YOU are part of the problem. I am watching less and less of your show due to your pushing immorality in this country!!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bruce:  1406 days ago

Someone should tell her peoples to remove the stick in her ass so she can move without looking like a blonde robot. Love that auto tune baby !!!

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Sarah:  1406 days ago

Britney spears doesnt promote sex and promiscuity, she represents beauty, talent and independence. If you dont like your children watching it, then dont let them. There is much worse out there on tv, in movies, and on the internet than britney spears. Grow up, if you dont like it, dont watch it.

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hfn:  1406 days ago

oh no! papa spears! she's dancing like a white girl who needs a jaeger bomb, hope your gonna fix that for the actual tour. a little bomb or 2 to fix her dancing won't hurt would it?

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DaChopssss:  1406 days ago

I love me some Britney, but those were three of the most awkward dance performances I have ever seen. She looked like an amateur dancer, not a ten year professional. Her back up dancers dance better than her and she looks dazed and confused, like she's counting the steps or something. She barely moves. Even when they were interviewing her she acts uncomfortable. She didn't even act like she was enjoying it or the music and was just going through the motions. Just strange to watch.

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moso:  1406 days ago

I LOVE IT.. 2 lip syncing people in one concert...That will be worth paying out the dough!! Why can't she dance anymore? WTF?? She used to at least look good 10 yrs ago. The lip syncing is still the same but she doesn't even try now. Her fans crack me up! I don't get it!!

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Colin:  1405 days ago

Britney Spears does not promote sex and promiscuity! Britney Spears is a pop icon who has always been known to be sexy. What teens get out her dancing and music is their own problem. By saying britney spears promotes teens to be promiscious is like saying Lady Gaga promotes kids to be gay. She may be bi-sexual and is known for that, but that doesen't mean she's promoting it. Same goes for Britney spears, so get your head out of the clouds lady!

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Hisjules:  1405 days ago


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Joel:  1405 days ago

Britney Spears new album Femme Fatale ...its ****ING AWESOME!...its up there with her Blackout album...BUT...her performance on GMA ...was ummm....lame...Im sorry but she cant dance anymore...I believe that her dance skills where in her hair, so when she shaved her pelo..her dance abilities vanish along with the hair.... sad but true...

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Olga:  1405 days ago

I am not a diehard fan of hers, but I think Brit is beautiful, entertaining, and talented. She is fun to watch, and this performance is not an exception. It seems like some people are too hard on her because of what happened in the past and refuse to give her another chance. She is one of the best out there. Seriously, no too many female singers can sing and dance at the same time.

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Lars Eighner:  1405 days ago

In the week before the San Francisco GMA concert, apparently from concerns about filling the venue, a number of popular drag entertainers were invited to perform at the concert including one who usually appears only at charity events that was told he would be 'hosting' the concert.

GMA, however, cut the drag performers out of the broadcast entirely, including the crowd and backstage portions. In one backstage sequence a GMA producer is quoted as shouting "Get the drag queens out of the shot!"

This seems to me to be rather cynical exploitation of the drag entertainers who were misled about their roles in the show and used to draw a crowd. The drag entertainers did their part to turn out their following, but were shoved out of the way by GMA,

Evidently woman beaters who destroy property are OK with GMA, but GMA draws the line at drag.

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Lisa:  1405 days ago

To suggest that Britney is promoting teen sex and drugs, etc... is ridiculous. Britney is now an adult, she is in her late 20s... I don't think that is a good argument against her anymore. When she was a teenager... sure, it was different for parents to disapprove of her at that time. She is a grown adult - if your teenagers do not know right from wrong... it certainly isn't 29 year old Britney's fault!

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Rob:  1404 days ago

Sorry Britney but while you were away other younger and not quite as freaky girls who are more than willing to perform next to naked like you have filled the void left when you turned into a Paris Hilton wanna be. How about dressing NORMALLY and perform a song appropriate for an adult? The song sucked, the performance sucked and you're still dressing like a two bit hooker. FAIL.

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Susan:  1404 days ago

You can see her counting her steps as she whales across the stage...Please, why would anyone pay high price to watch this. There are so many talented people out there why does the media continue to push Brittany on us, she's almost 30 now her one more time days are history.

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