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Video: Inside the Auditions for the New Pussycat Dolls!

Robin Antin is on the hunt for a few good Pussycat Dolls!

The PCD creator held auditions for an all-new version of the sexy recording group yesterday in L.A. -- and tons of scantily-clad women showed up to try out!

"When I'm creating the next group, it's really finding that sexiness," Antin tells TooFab about her search. "It's about the whole package. Obviously I'll look for a triple threat. I want girls who are incredibly talented, incredible singers, incredible dancers ... Beautiful girls on the inside and out."

Robin adds, "You gotta be able to love it. I need committment. It's like boot camp."

Antin must have been pleased with the turnout -- this morning she tweeted "PCD Auditions were AMAZING yesterday! Thank u to all the SEXY girls who came out & danced so hard & sang for us!"

As we previously reported, the search for the new group will be part of a reality show Antin is developing with Kim Kardashian as a producer.

Check out the audition video and more from Robin above!

Comments (7)

Superman:  1403 days ago

PLEASE! We don't need anymore famewhore sluts in the spotlight!

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Karen:  1403 days ago

I am actually watching my tape of the first Search for the Next *****cat Doll show, which I LOVED! I hope she can find a producer for it and gets it back on TV like the last time. Good luck, Robin!

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Smarter Human:  1403 days ago

The old goatsucker wrinkled botox hag was NOT sexy.

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Jus:  1402 days ago

I'm definitely not going to say I'm happy or excited because I could care less, but if Robin goes and creates a new PCD, then she needs to make sure all of them can sing. I got tired of seeing Nicole Scherzinger being the only one with a part in a song and the other "members" as her back up dancers/singers.

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mouhamde:  1334 days ago


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Scherzy:  1312 days ago

You dont need anymore *****cat dolls! Just like any other groups that have broken up! They were original and cant be replaced, just like the ORIGINAL *****cat dolls! You shouldnt replace them! No one will ever be as good a group as they were! AND you will NEVER find anyone better than Nicole!!! Sorry...but i would have to disagree with the whole audition thing! DONT REPLACE THE ORIGINAL *****CAT DOLLS!!!! They are lengends!!

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