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Carrie Ann Inaba Gets Engaged ... on Live TV!

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba sure had a memorable experience guest hosting "Live with Regis and Kelly" today -- because her boyfriend surprised her with a proposal!

Towards the end of the show, Regis started reading a question from a viewer asking for advice on how to orchestrate a "romantic and special" proposal for his girlfriend.

When Reeg started giving tips, the studio lights dimmed, music started playing and Inaba's boyfriend, Jesse Sloan, appeared out of nowhere with a ring -- and got down on his knee to propose.

Carrie was shocked -- but accepted.

Check out the romantic video!

Comments (7)

fanofboardwalkempire:  1403 days ago

Carrie Ann Inaba is absoutley the nicest lady in the world and I am just thrilled to see her become engaged! Congratulations Carrie Ann!

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Ldub97229:  1403 days ago

Ahhhh how absolutely romantic and amazing :) I ♥ this video! Carrie is great and I probably should not have watched that video at work because I cried!!! LOL...yep, tears just rolling down the face! Congrats Carrie!!!

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Truth:  1403 days ago

She said J Ho was a bitch when she worked with her in the past. I believe it. Carrie said "No comment". LOL, thanks for telling the truth about J Ho.

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MS P:  1403 days ago

Congratulations to you this could of not happened to a sweeter person, I am so happy for you.

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Nancy:  1402 days ago

Congratulations Carrie Ann. Wishing you and your fiance nothing but the best!

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Darlene :  1402 days ago

Yes, our Hawaii Girl get's engaged!!! Congratulation's Carrie Ann!!!

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Kay Goodschmidt:  1370 days ago

Carrie Ann, Congratulations, I hope you continue on as a judge on Dancing, I love your comments!!!

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