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First Listen: NKOTBSB's First Single 'Don't Turn Out the Lights'

Super-group NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block + Backstreet Boys) have finally released their first joint single -- and it's a song made in boy band heaven!

While the two acts have been touring together since last year, the track, called "Don't Turn Out the Lights,"  is their first collaborative effort.

NKOTBSB's first album is set to drop May 24 -- and will reportedly feature 5 songs from each band and a collection of joint songs.

Check out the debut single above and let us know what you think!

Comments (28)

Donna:  1358 days ago

Love it....

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Denise:  1358 days ago

This is the first sign of the apocalypse.

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alix:  1358 days ago

I expected more from them.

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zhanggao:  1358 days ago

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Elinor:  1354 days ago

The song is fantastic. It is definately Jordan starting the song. Then A.J, then Joe, then Brian. The only thing missing is Donnie's suave voice rapping. LOVE THE SONG! WILL DEFINATELY GOING TO PURCHASE IT!

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Toni Chadwick :  1354 days ago

GREAT SONG CANT WAIT FOR THE NKOTBSB Show at the Izod center!!! WAY TO GO GUYS keep it up..

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Dottie:  1354 days ago


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Rachel Klaes:  1354 days ago


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JENNIFER :  1353 days ago


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Laura:  1353 days ago

I soooooooooo loveeeeeeeeeeeee this song!!!!!

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PENNY:  1353 days ago


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NKOTB4Life:  1352 days ago

wow the end of days are Near! BSB on a song I like! AMAZING!

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Lainy:  1352 days ago

it's a great song. I love it like that..don't turn off the light nowwwww....come on you know you want to dance to it. can't wait for the concert in June. KTBSBPA!

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Janie Moreno:  1352 days ago

I love it. great combination of vocals

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Carmela:  1352 days ago

This just makes my day. Can't wait for them to visit Manila!!!

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