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LeAnn Rimes Responds to Weight Criticism: 'I'm So Over This!'

LeAnn Rimes came under fire from the online community for being too skinny after new photos surfaced of her at a basketball game last night -- and now she's firing back!

Rimes, who was criticized for looking too thin while singing the National Anthem at the Butler vs. UConn game Monday night in Texas, took to her Twitter to address the haters.

"To those who have to turn to other's lives and judge with no real knowledge of how anyone lives, you can you know what!" she posted earlier today.

Responding to another Twitter user who asked if she was starving herself, Rimes also tweeted "dear lord! I do not workout too much nor do I starve myself. I'm so over this and moving on."

As for her performance, Rimes says it's "Always an honor to honor our country. Very proud of last night. Still on a bit of a high. Thx you all fir such kind kind words."

Check out the gallery above to see more recent Rimes photos.

Comments (32)

Whirligig:  1394 days ago

oh my god, denial much? She looks so bony right there, it's not even remotely attractive. Someone needs to strap her down to a dining chair and force her to eat. She's so pretty when she's a normal weight... but this... it looks like an older version of the ghostly woman she once was. How sad for her. :c

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matix:  1394 days ago

she doesnt have an eating disorder she has a disease in which your bodys metabolism speeds up,

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Bella:  1394 days ago

Still on a high??? must be that crack she is smokin/snortin/shootin

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Karina:  1394 days ago


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Bug:  1394 days ago

She is so in denial...barf.

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Chris:  1394 days ago

It's the ugly face that bothers me...

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YouAreAllJustFat:  1394 days ago



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Howie:  1394 days ago

I think u guys should not judge!!!! Or u all may just me jealous that she can get a handsome man like Eddie and u guys can't!!!!!! It takes more than one person to wreck a home!!

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Elizabeth:  1394 days ago

Google pics of Eddie Cibrian's Ex-Wife. (Brandi Glianville/Gianville? Or something like that.) Leanne is morphing into her, probably to please (and probably hoping to keep) her new man. New boobs, super blonde, and emaciated. I understand that lean is the look in Hollywood, but she absolutely has an eating disorder. We'll read all about it in a tell all book one day. Whatever.

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Kay Kirkwood:  1394 days ago

My goodness, you can't win in these crowds ... the minute someone packs on a few pounds the internet is buzzing with how fat they've gotten and when they lose a few pounds it's a freakout frenzy over being too bony. I'm no Leann fan, but sheesh.

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Hime:  1394 days ago

She looks normal. It's the rest of America who is fat, and rather than get off their ass and lose weight to stop looking like a giant blob of lard (like the much adored fat-ass Kim Kardashian) people pick on healthy, thin people and try to make themselves believe they're the ones who have a problem.

It must be a shocker to women who haven't seen their own ribcage in 20 years, but this is actually how a healthy human female body should look.

To the person who said she was 'bony'...I'd hate to see how much uneeded flesh is on your body. There's not a single bone sticking out of her, just like there isn't a single bone sticking out of that poor Victoria's Secret model who might lose her job for *gasp* being fit.

Fat people are running the show now.

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AverageGirl:  1394 days ago

I'm not one to blog, but I just had to. She could be thin becasue she's sick or having emotional problems. And as a child of divorced parents (one cheeted) the term home wrecker is just so stupid! Not every adult relationship/marriage is forever. People grow, change and fall out of love. Is it okay, no. But she did a beautiful job singing our national anthem. That should be all that matters.

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Hisjules:  1394 days ago


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Magan:  1394 days ago

I can't believe some of these comments, please think before you type. Being skinny like that is a very serious thing and most people are just worried about Leeann and she needs to realize this isn't healthy. I'm sure she thinks she's healthy, but 80 or 90 pounds is not a healthy ideal weight to be at, even for someone her height. Leeann needs to put on another 10 or 15 pounds and she'd look so much better. There is to much pressure to be skinny like that and instead of just being comfortable with you you are.

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Amy:  1394 days ago

People are probably right about her not eating enough and exercising too much. I personally don't think she looks too skinny...I wouldn't recommend her losing anymore weight, though. She needs to stop being so defensive all the time. Unfortunately, her reputation took a major hit when she cheated on her husband with a married father. She should just try and not make any waves for a while...give people a chance to forget how she met her love....and tweeting things aimed at the general public won't do any good.

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