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Pregnant Mariah Carey's Nude Magazine Cover

Mariah Carey is baring all -- including her growing belly -- on the cover of Life & Style.

The pregnant 42-year-old singer strips down to nothing for this week's issue, where she opens up about having twins in an interview done the day after she was taken to the hospital with contractions.

"I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience," says Carey. "My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans."

Mariah, who is having a baby boy and girl, says the girl is already "a diva in training."

Husband Nick Cannon got in on the interview as well, telling the mag "I thought I couldn't love Mariah more," he tells Life & Style. "But I have a whole new appreciation and admiration for her."

From Britney Spears to Demi Moore, check out what other stars have stripped down for a magazine cover while pregnant!

The magazine is on newsstands Friday.

Comments (13)

Joy:  1394 days ago

I sort of think it's gross when I see pregnant women in bikinis or naked on magazine covers. I know I'll get a lot of crap for it but it's just my opinion. If you're pregnant, do what you want. No one really needs to see it or share it with you.

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Na Keisha:  1394 days ago

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing....Being a WOMAN is absolutely fabulous!!! Showing this natural thing is not disgusting nor gross....I think every women should take a picture while pregnant because this moment in life is truly when YOUR life begins again & you really start to LIVE LIFE & appreciate everything it has to offer.

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Nalinie:  1394 days ago

Pregnancy is beautiful and also personal in my opinion. It is a journey for you and your significant other and close family. Society today wants to make everything personal public, which is fine for many, but such a time in ones life should not be on display, it should be cherished amongst yourself. again, just and opinion.

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lesanne keeler:  1394 days ago

As a skinny mother of 4 yes I feel it is disgusting to flaunt your pregnant belly so I'm not just saying this because I was afraid too...its distasteful as always how Mariah is

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Joy:  1394 days ago

I have nothing against pregnancy in general except that sometimes it's waaaay too easy for the wrong people. My point is that it's not something everyone on earth needs to share with you. You want a baby? Go have one. You want artsy pics of your belly? Go take them. But share them with family and friends. I don't want to see them and I'm not alone. A woman doesn't need to propogate the earth to be a true woman.

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Cathy:  1394 days ago

I wish I had do***ented the time I was pregnant. Her kids will look at the photos and be proud. My daughter wishes she could have seen me pregnant but i hid behine the camera and should not have as I was beautiful and have never got the special glow back. GREAT FOR HER they will have wonderful photos to see how much they are loved even before they arrive. good luck butterfly!

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Mika:  1394 days ago

Mariah looks beautiful! and as a Mother I can only appreciate this picture.. It is warmth to the heart

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Hisjules:  1394 days ago


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Hisjules:  1394 days ago


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joselizette06njphilly:  1393 days ago

oh yes the haters are out again today.
as a good lookin fly azz latino papi,i think she still look young,barely out of her 20s, she look so young,and great! and 41 years old i think she is not 42,either way she still look in the pix of her barely late 20s.great pix mariah, i love my wife to be as well lizette,few years younger than you but i am NICK CANNON AGE I LOVE OLDER SEXY HOT INDEPENDENT TYPE WOMEN TOO, SO I AND NICK HAV IT IN COMMON THERE. i hope the marriage last rest of her days on earth as his,they are so obviously happy IN love,and i love the fact nick has mariah name tatttoo BIG on his back for world to see or his stomach that is amazing. or his chest.bottom line that is LOVE,real love and i am proud of her and him being a long lasting couple so far over few years i think by now.Should be great parents.
REAL LOVE damn is so beautiful too mad most here
hating on her do not and shall never have it.
and for the "SKINNY MOM"uh er, whatz ur point?
u r not skinny when carry a baby so keep hatin.

peace out
from jose and lizette nj philly ny tri-state

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Prongsley:  1369 days ago

Just one of her boobs is bigger than Cannon's head;and we don't get to see either one of them,just that unshaven oven.
Thanks a bunch,Discretion Free Howler Girl.

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