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Sara Rue's First Bikini Ever -- See Her Amazing Weight Loss!

Sara Rue lost an incredible 50 lbs with Jenny Craig -- and is finally ready to show off her body in a bikini, for the first time ever!

“If you would have told me one year ago that I would be in a national commercial in a bikini, I would have thought you were crazy,” says Rue, who looks amazing in a green pin-up suit. “But now, I feel so confident and comfortable."

Though she looks happy and healthy now, Rue says it wasn't always so. "I missed out on so many fun experiences because I was ashamed and embarrassed of how I looked in a swimsuit, but eventually I got to the point where I didn’t want my weight to define me anymore, so I did something about it. Now I feel like there’s nothing holding me back. It’s a wonderful, freeing feeling that I never thought I would accomplish.”

And while she's lost weight, don't expect her to lose her curves: "I strongly believe that it’s not about being thin; it’s about being comfortable in my skin. I love my curves, and I don’t want to lose them by overdoing it. I still want to look like a real woman.”

Check out her transformation above!

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liuyidao:  1396 days ago


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Kathleen:  1396 days ago

Where is the swim suit from?! It is so cute! I want one.

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Northerner:  1396 days ago

i am so proud of Sara for losing the weight!
i have watched her for a long time and always thought she was super cute and now she is downright hot! congrats Sara, you deserve it!

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Maddimazing:  1396 days ago

Yeah, she lost some weight but sure as hell is NOT IN BIKINI SHAPE!
Put on a shirt, fat ass.

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Emjaye:  1396 days ago

She looks amazing!! You go girl!!!

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Hime:  1396 days ago

While it's always nice to see someone lose weight in this fat nation, what she's wearing hardly passes for a bikini, and she's been heavily photoshopped. If she's so "comfortable now" why wouldn't she wear a real bikini that would actually show her belly button, hips, and stomach? That bottom goes up so high it's practically a one piece with a small hole in the middle.

Like I said, always great when someone loses weight, but if she's going to be the spokesperson for Jenny Craig...I certainly wouldn't call her "first bikini ever" a huge achievement seeing as how she's wearing a granny panty version just to hide her (still fat) stomach, and she's been heavily retouched just to look decent in a glorified one piece.

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brutony:  1394 days ago

A little more weight lost and she could wear a REAL bikini! Then shes got to do something about that chin. But hey, she looks MUCH better than before!

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Stephanie:  1390 days ago

Where can u buy the bikini?

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