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Mariska Hargitay Adopts a Baby Girl!

Mariska Hargitay and Baby Amaya"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star Mariska Hargitay has a new addition to the family -- an adopted baby girl!

The 47-year-old "SVU" star and her actor husband Peter Hermann's little girl, Amaya Josephine, was born about a week ago and is from the U.S., according to PEOPLE. This is the couple's second child -- they also have 4-year-old son August, who is not adopted.

"I'm deliriously happy," Hargitay tells the magazine. "From the minute she was born, she was just surprisingly alert and so full of love."

She continues, "We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multi-racial family. We're just so happy she's here."

Congratulations to the happy family!

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Hisjules:  1389 days ago


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tasheapatterson:  1337 days ago


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Me:  1306 days ago

Well, at least they adopted from the U.S.! Or should I say the baby was BORN in the U.S.. Why is it soooo important for movie stars/celebrities to adopt bi-racial/multi-racial kids??? What are they trying to prove??

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scott:  1303 days ago

you are an awesome actress, beautiful, at least the baby was us born, alot of homeless kids in the usa, lets help all the homeless kids who put themsleves through school,stop helping countries overseas and help THE HOMELESS HERE WAKEUP USA.

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Dede:  1303 days ago

Congratulations and keep talking as you and your beautiful baby girl will benefit from it in the years to come. Stay vigilant from the many ignorant people and their remarks.

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pat:  1303 days ago

Congrats to u n u're family. My only concern for stars that adopt kids (no matter the race) is that adoption in hollywood seems to be a trend to boost the stars image. Once the child gets older, they tend to keep them hidden or return them back to the adoption agency. Case n point, Tom Cruise & Nicole Kiddman. U never see them with their older adopted kids anymore. All u hear about is that BRAT Suri, n Nicoles daughters. Who do those other kids live with. Angelina/Brad, what about u're biological kids? Is there enough luv to go around that home? Sandra Bullock is genuine in her luv for her adopted child (it's apparent). Madonna...just not real to me at all. Just keep it real n u'll be blessed.

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TEXAS PRINCESS:  1303 days ago

Seems to me if you wanted "multi racial children - why not marry a black man?? Very strange that a black child must grow up with caucasian traditions and values.They must feel very alone in an all white family.

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Sandra Whiting:  1303 days ago

That is the most prettiest picture I ever seen. Mariska you go girl!!! Your baby girl is so gorgeous and mommy looking good.

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Shel:  1303 days ago

As long as there is love in your heart and you would like to make a different in this world by helping your fellowman/woman. I say go for it. Children need homes here in the good ole USA and around the world.Children know love and love has no color.

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Vicky:  1303 days ago

I'm very happy for her. Also concerned for the comments being made. They are made from people who do not know what they are talking about. What? We should only adopt orphaned children from the U.S.? Are you kidding? There are children starving on the streets and dying alone in orphanages every day all over the world and you want us to just leave them there and only adopt from our country? Oh, and those of you with all the comments, how many of these US born children have you adopted? And for the brilliant person who says that the starts raise their kids in private and then when they are older return them to their adoption agency? Absurd. You have no idea what you are talking about. That just doesn't happen. Do your research before making such ridiculous statements. Our family has adopted 3 children internationally. How can any of you say that a child born in China, Ethiopia, Russia is not worth it and shouldn't have a family? Only US born kids do? Ugh. What I would love to see is for everyone with such a strong opinion on this subject actually step up to the plate and go adopt a child.

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Jeanne:  1303 days ago

I applaud Mariska on her adoption. I know children adopted by anyone are usually very loved children, but I cannot understand for the life of me, why the people from the entertainment industry feel the need to go outside of the USA to adopt, there are so many little ones in need of a home and love. Mariska adopted multi-racial from this country and I commend her. Some of the others are doing it to get their picture on a magazine covers and make them look like they are saving the world, especially the ones who have adopted several children, they do not cook, clean, staya t home and love these bsbies, they have a Nanny, housekeepers, cooks ect. The people that should be given a medal are the families thay have just enough to get by and take in and raise an orphan...just becuase it the right thing to do, expecting nothing and doing everthing themselves, sometimes working several jobs to make ends meet. Mariska did it for love, I'm sure of ut, she is a very speacial person

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georgia :  1303 days ago

what are u trying to prove with a multi racial family

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jan maatje :  1302 days ago

Congratulations, The more people who marry interracial and become interracial families the more it will become natural and accepted as it should be. We are interracial family for 28 years and we are so blessed. God Bless You

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idiots:  1302 days ago

the baby is not multiracial. she is black. by adopting the baby the family became multiracial. kudos on the kid being from america.

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Brenda:  1302 days ago

As a adoptive mother. Maybe you should look at the system. It took nine years to adopt. Being middle class you have limited resources. Also most children are older and sibling groups. Still a long wait and a lot of paperwork. If somebody wants a child, please go anywhere it's lrgal and then love the child.

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