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'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Expecting His 17th Child!

And baby makes 17 for "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown -- whose fourth wife, Robyn, just announced she's pregnant.

The baby will be the first for Robyn and Kody, who married last year. Robyn has three children from a previous marriage and Kody has 13 kids with his three other wife, Meri, Janelle and Christie.

I'm overjoyed," Kody tells PEOPLE. "This connects Robyn and I together in a way that nobody can take away."

The baby is due in mid-October.

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cknj:  1393 days ago

u sure its not one of the blondes on the left thats pregnant?? just sayin

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jaymie-lee:  1393 days ago

i think thats wonderful. Kody takes care of all his children and his children are all happy and truly blessed. God bless their family.

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h:  1393 days ago

To #1 the one on the left closet to Kody just finished having a baby so stop being so judgmental. I bet you're no picnic yourself!!!

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Connie Mitchell:  1393 days ago

I'll tell you what I think....I don't care how well you say he takes care of his children.He is an evil man for allowing these kids to be raised this way!! Any man that is the father of 16 children with his so called wives,and exploits it on TV, is not an example of a good father! The really bad part aside from the kids being a part of all of this is the women who are being used by this so called man. Each of them are nothing but pawns for his sexual pleasures!! AND NOW, another innocent baby will be brought into this cult...that is just what it is!! Anyone who wastes their time watching this trash is as crazy as the ones who star in this mess!!

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Kate:  1393 days ago

Another welfare recipient for taxpayers to support. This guy should look into a vasectomy. Hasn't his ego been satisfied enough with 13 other kids? I guess he thinks his sperm is made of gold.

Memo to Too Fab: It would be nice if you captioned your pictures so those of us who don't waste our time on this useless TV show could identify which of these stunners is the new bride.

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nojudge:  1393 days ago

To 4 and 5. Why do people hate so much. I'm sure neither of you have watched this show. Although this is not a lifestyle I would choose, these chilren are very happy and understand what love should be. I'm assuming it would be better if they were in a home with just a dad and mom who fight all the time...that would be normal..right? When are people going to accept that not everyone has to conform to a "norm". And to judge when you don't even know anything about it is pure ignorant. By the way, they aren't on welfare, they work and support thier loving family.

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Hisjules:  1393 days ago


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Ginger:  1393 days ago

Yet-you seem to care enough Connie to be reading this, hmmmm... Not a lifestyle I would choose but to each his own. these people dress in contemporary styles, the women work outside the home, the girls aren't being married off at the age of 14. They seem alot more loving, tolerant and together than most "normal" famalies these days.

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jrcole:  1393 days ago

i see nothing wrong as long as they take care of their children if the women r ok with it why should it bother us .there is alot of men around that have mistresses and alot of you women have no clue at least these women r going into this with their eyes open and believe me sometimes i would like a couple more ''wives''to help me.

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Chris:  1393 days ago

I watched the show only once an was stunned by this lifestyle!this guy is so incredibly self absorbed and entitled its disturbing

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Malissa :  1393 days ago

You're really rude and obnoxious...just saying...
It's funny how people are so brave from their computers...

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Teri:  1393 days ago

His wives WOOF!!!!! And him no rize either..stop pro-creating already.

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teresa:  1393 days ago

I think it is wonderful that they are having another child! There is so much love in this family and I really wish that I had been exposed to this life style years ago. I know that it isn't all sunshine and roses but I would be willing to bet that I would not be divorced now if I had considered this lifestyle. It works because all adults are committed to making it work and what could be better than to have your four best friends with you at all times. I am very envious and have one question Kody are you looking for a out of shape older fifth wife????

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Rache:  1393 days ago

This is ADULTERY and should not be even watched.

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Annette Holliday:  1393 days ago

I love this show.... I need a sister wife.

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