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'Beverly Hills 90210' Star Shannen Doherty Turns 40!

In news that may make you feel old: Original "Beverly Hills 90210" star Shannen Doherty turns 40 today -- and we're celebrating by checking in with the entire cast of the 90s show!

Shannen Doherty Birthday
From Shannen's milestone b-day to Tori Spelling's most recent pregnancy announcement, see what Brenda Walsh and the rest of the kids from West Bev have been up to lately!

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Hisjules:  1384 days ago


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Anka:  1384 days ago

Happy Birthday Shannen!!!
I met her at a wedding, she's really nice!

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Tanya:  1383 days ago

She's gorgeous!!! Happy bday Shando!


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lulu:  1380 days ago

Wow! She is still pretty. I miss the movies, anyway. What a nostalgia.

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