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Courteney Cox: I Shot Down David Arquette at Disney!

Courteney Cox had only good things to say about estranged husband David Arquette last night on "The Late Show with David Letterman" -- but that doesn't mean they're getting together just yet ... and, in fact, she shot down his advances as recently as last week.


While talking to Howard Stern earlier this week, David admitted he tried to hit on Courteney during a trip to Disney World with daughter Coco -- at attempt Cox elaborated on last night.
"David told everyone 'I tried to hit on Courteney at Disney World.' I'm like, 'Dude, that's not really for everyone to know,' Cox explains. "He did try to hit on me. He hit pretty hard and I said, 'You don't have the fast pass right now. Not to that ride!'"

Though separated, their relationship sounds like it's still strong: "He's doing great, we're getting along great, it's kind of the best we've ever been ... I love him more than anything in the whole world."

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Toasty J:  1385 days ago

She is looking dangerously close to a Real Housewife of...

Her surgery makes her look like a 55 year old trying to look 35.


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gutsygirl:  1385 days ago

She may love him as a friend but she is not in love with him. Big dif. She wants someone hot now to prove she's still got it at 46. Get a dissolution, put your daughter first and move on.

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sue:  1385 days ago

I thought she was 50 .

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Tom Boston:  1385 days ago

she's beautiful, those wide set eyes, and great cheekbones! you can't get that in surgery, well maybe the cheekbones...haha. seriously, she is stunning, and if she were a surgery whore, she would have done those cute dumbo ears, and those aristocratic thin lips, a LONG time ago. this is not a rebuilt woman, maybe some botox for those deeper 'character' lines, but heck...that's something more high paid movie people should be doing. we pay their huge salaries, spend it on cosmetics so we don't have to see you get

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Hisjules:  1385 days ago


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Bill:  1383 days ago

Courtney peaked at the time of the DANCING IN THE DARK video. Since then she has taken a few too many dips in the ugly pond.

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nikki:  1359 days ago

Why doesn't anyone in Hollywood realize that the rest of the world outside of California thinks that the celeb's with all this botox and plastic surgery are making themselves look worse! Like Jessica Simpson for example was super hot and now with that frozen face and bee sting lips she looks like an older woman trying to look younger, instead of the beautiful young woman she is!! I just don't get it! My friends and I all sit around and try to talk without moving our faces and pout our lips up to fish standards to make fun of's quite hilarious. PLEASE YOUNG HOOLYWOOD STOP RUINING YOUR FACES, YOU ONLY LOOK OLDER, AND IT'S ONLY NORMAL IN CALIFORNIA TO NOT HAVE ANY FACIAL EXPRESSION (btw it also ruins your acting b/c you have no range of emotion)!!!!! LMAO

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