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Britney Spears' 'Till the World Ends' Video -- Now with More Dancing!

Britney Spears has released a second version of her "Till the World Ends" music video -- where the focus is clearly on dancing, and not the original's apocalyptic storyline.


More footage of Britney and her hairography is shown in the new cut, but its her backup dancers that really get more time to shine.

Watch the new version above -- and to refresh your memory, the first video below. Which do you prefer?


Comments (2)

christopher:  1382 days ago

this video is dated, and has already been done 2 years ago by an artist almost 15 years britney's senior.... maybe people should check out janet jackson's 'rock with u' video and see for yourselves.... similar choreography, similar costume design, similar set.... (only janet's song and video are WAY better....) i think people need to give jj a little more credit after nipplegate.... she flashes a little skin and gets punished, yet 'B.S.' has a total meltdown and the world is ready to embrace her.... it just goes to show how sordid and twisted people are....

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mick:  1382 days ago

That wasn't a great video. Britney is barely dancing. @Christopher, get over nipplegate. The majority of people never blamed anything on Janet for that. Her tour is selling out and she's getting big kudo's for her dancing and tour. I've seen it all over messageboards. Nipplegate happened 7 years ago. Everywhere I've seen people don't care about that. The only reason Janets albums haven't sold has been because the newer music she' done hasn't been the best and she is in her 40's now. Most artists that old don't sell alot of albums anymore. They make their money off of tours and thats where Janet is doing great.

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