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Listen Now: Lady Gaga's New Song 'Judas'

Lady Gaga released her new song, "Judas," today -- and we've got your first listen to it right here!

The song, posted on UK iTunes before it eventually hits the US version later today, is her follow up to "Born this Way" from the album of the same name.

The song was originally supposed to drop next Tuesday, but online leaks prompted an early release by the singer.

We like the song, which reminds us of "Bad Romance" ... what do you think? Sound off below!

Comments (9)

don't understand:  1344 days ago

I really don't understand the appeal of Lady Gaga. I don't think she has the talent to be this huge and her actions/things she says are very bizarre. But maybe that right there is the appeal.

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Lil Mike:  1344 days ago

I can't agree more with the first poster. She isn't special, she's just riding the bizarre train.

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Buckcreekbilly:  1344 days ago

No where near the quality of Bad Romance, not her best work for sure. :(

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Kwynnie:  1344 days ago

I'm having a serious problem with this song. I'm a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga. I bought her last album almost as soon as it came out and I LOVED nearly every single song on it. So far this new album is a let down. I was not in love with Born This Way the first time I heard it, I had to listen to it for awhile before I decided to buy it. Judas is so far below the standard for a Lady Gaga song. The music is so overpowering you can't really understand what she's saying, and the music really isn't very good. I hope that her next song is amazing because at this point I'm not planning on buying this album.

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d:  1344 days ago

Sucks just like her

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jersey:  1344 days ago

Really hurts the ears. Boring. Lady Gaga is now so full of herself she thinks everything she does is brilliant. She was interesting in the beginning but quickly dulling the eardrums, emotions, and interest in her too mechanical, over produced junkyard of whoppie do visuals and badly produced noise. Yes, this is noise, not music.

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Joel:  1344 days ago

Just when i thought that it couldn't worse than born this way, this piece of crap is released. This album sucks, I miss her "just dance" days. This album seems to be forced just like the hangover 2

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aryabodhisattva:  1343 days ago

God, I miss early Gaga. She's in a state where she's gotten too weird. I'm all for creativity but... this ain't it. I mean, she's investing in everything except actual good music.

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LittleLadyGaga:  1342 days ago

I love this song. I am a huge lady gaga fan and I would never trash one of her songs. Its a fun song :D so stop trashing it. Its better then most of the crap of the music these days. At least it doesnt sing about sex like a lot of other singers these days.

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