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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Wed!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian wed Friday night at a private estate in Malibu, CA.

The two reportedly told guests they were going to an engagement party, but instead surprised everyone with a wedding ceremony. Cibrian's two sons, Mason and Jake, were in attendance.

"LeAnn and Eddie were happily married today surrounded by their closest family and friends," the bride's spokesman, Rhett Usry, tells PEOPLE. "They thank everyone for their well wishes."

It was the second marriage for the country singer, 28, and the "CSI: Miami" actor, 37. The two fell in love while filming the romantic Lifetime movie "Northern Lights." At the time, both were married to other people; Rimes to dancer Dean Sheremet, and Cibrian to makeup artist Brandi Glanville, whom he has two sons with.

Rimes and Cibrian went public with their romance after splitting from their respective spouses.

Rimes and Sheremet filed for divorce in June 2010, and Cibrian and Glanville followed suit in September.

Glanville continued to feud publicly with Rimes and her ex over Twitter, but recently called a truce. The three even showed up together for Glanville and Cibrians' son's birthday.

Rimes also made headlines for her noticeable weight loss, which some sources say was in preparation for her wedding.

No word on where Rimes or Cibrian will spend their honeymoon.

Comments (13)

Nancy:  1380 days ago

Cheaters always cheat.

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Sandi:  1380 days ago

Hope she got a pre-nup. The guy is cute but obviously a douche-bag. He will get bored with her and cheat on her too. Sorry history tends to repeat itself.

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Leslie:  1380 days ago

Geez. These people deserve each other. They're both self centered douche bags. Eddie: Get a job! Leann: STFU

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David :  1380 days ago

Let's see how long this will last. It started off in the wrong foot, so how can it be blessed?

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Guest:  1380 days ago

What goes around comes around and the fact that this bitch justifies her cheating and broke up a family with absolutely no conscience makes me sick. She takes more time out to justify her skeletal body that her being a ho and cheating with another woman's husband. You are selfish, self-centered and an UGLY person inside and out. The ONLY reason he's around her ugly self is because of her $$ and she knows it or she wouldn't be starving herself. Have you seen his ex-wife? NO comparison. Hello, Kevin Federline Jr.

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har:  1380 days ago

too much spam here !!

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Emily:  1380 days ago

They are just as selfish as Tori, Brad and Jolie and all the rest who hurt other people for their own selfish needs.

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WHORES:  1380 days ago

It is nice to finally see people blogging about the fact that Angelina and Brad suck too...cheaters destroy FAMILIES and that is why we are ALL hurting sooooo...much in these United States. It is just WRONG...The clock is ticking. Here's a piece of news for you...OJ and Nicole were also CHEATERS and we all know how that ended ! PRAY MORE...

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bookies:  1380 days ago

to all the haters out there...people cheat for personal reasons....I cheated on my spouse and so did my my now partner of 17 yrs...we broke up two homes to make one that has lasted for over 17 yrs...don't hate the people who attempt to make a happy life for themselves because you're not strong enough to work on your own life....

sincerely happy after 17 yrs and going strong...

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Linda:  1380 days ago

Hope she is prepared for the day when he cheats on her, once a cheater usually always a cheater. Plus I hope she has a prenup, I think he is after her money. And she does need to eat a burger or two!!

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allie:  1380 days ago

they deserve each other. good luck to them both

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nic:  1380 days ago

Get over it people. They have proven they are in love and have been together for a while now. Just get over it and take your anger out for being cheated on with the person who did it to you, not Leann anymore. It's old.

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Roy Mabe Jr.:  1380 days ago

LeAnn Rimes' decision to marry Eddie Cibriani will blow up in her face like almost all other decisions She's made since she started making her career decisions.

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