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Jake Gyllenhaal Shaves All His Hair Off!

Jake Gyllenhaal is rocking a smooth dome these days, as the star was spotted on set with a shaved head!

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Jake, 30, showed off his new look while filming scenes for his upcoming flick, "End of Watch," with co-star Michael Pena on Friday in Los Angeles.

This isn't Jake's first time going so short -- he sported a buzz cut back in 2005 for "Jarhead."

What do you think of the 'do?

Comments (14)

jiggs:  1377 days ago

I think he's sexy with or without hair..

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Jessica:  1377 days ago

I think he's sexy even with hair. He's naturally sexy.

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cherokee:  1377 days ago

No matter how Jake has his hair he's stilll the sexiest man on the planet :D

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Michelle :  1377 days ago

if its for a role then this should be another awesome project.. on that note, he could never do wrong.

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wendyzc:  1377 days ago

Either, he is HOTTTTTTTT!!!! :)

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andre`:  1377 days ago

He is hot!!!!! I dont care if he has hair, no hair, he is sexy no matter what...Fine!!!!!

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Kate:  1376 days ago

Ohh... I Love Him So so Much . He's The sexiest man alivee... Omg His Still Hot without his Hair. But I prefer with his Hair Stil :) Lol

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Heidi:  1376 days ago

Cool...NOT!!! He's not that cute with or without hair..

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Gossip gurl:  1376 days ago

What are you talking about. Jake looks tough and lean. Macho. Love a man in uniform. You go boy.

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Hisjules:  1376 days ago


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roza:  1376 days ago

OMG he is SO HOT!!!!!

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Spitt:  1376 days ago

You would have to be gay, to think he's hot with that doo.

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ab:  1375 days ago

not my preference, but he is so sexy he can pull it off.

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alan:  1375 days ago

looks better that way

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