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LeAnn Rimes -- Check Out Her Wedding Band!

LeAnn Rimes was still wearing white the day after her wedding to Eddie Cibrian -- showing off her new wedding band while out to brunch with friends.

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Dressed in a revealing crocheted dress, Rimes was smiling ear to ear on Saturday, where we got our first glimpse of her new jewelry. The band is from jeweler Brent Polacheck, who also made Rimes' 5-carat diamond engagement ring.

LeAnn returned to her Twitter yesterday to start tweeting about their wedded bliss, telling her followers "Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful friends! the computer....Eddie the Sunday newspaper....waves crashing....holding hands...nice way to start it. My first Easter as a WIFE! GOD thank you for your goodness! May we all be blessed today and forever!"
As we previously reported, LeAnn and Eddie tied the knot Friday night in a secret ceremony in Malibu.

Comments (9)

eva:  1377 days ago

she looks like a sleaze!

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Samantha:  1377 days ago

...what about the 7 Easters she was married to Dean?

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Dawn:  1377 days ago

Hopes they have a blessed & Happy marriage....they are now a married & united as one. Really no one elses business...Hopes the best for them from that day forward! Both of them deserve it!

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Spunky:  1377 days ago

Isn't that special the homewrecker and cheater has married the other cheater and homewrecker. She is a media ho, if she doesn't benefit from the media she's not in it. She's doing stupid things to stay in the limelight, she's nasty and needs to get a clue. Eddie is a moron for even being involved with her he had the best wife now he's got a sleeze who dresses like a street walker and no one likes her!

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sharron:  1377 days ago

HAS NOBODY NOTICED THAT SHE OBVIOUSLY HAS A HORRIBLE EATING DISORDER???? The next thing we will read about her is that is going to some clinic for that.

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Kai :  1377 days ago

He married her for the money, sorry but she is not attractive,and no amount of money can fix that!!!

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Melanie:  1376 days ago

I wonder how much her wedding ring cost her? How long before they have a sex tape "stolen" from their home? Gross.

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har:  1376 days ago

EDDIE CIPRIAM IS A GOLD DIGGER!! how can you left a beautiful wife for that piece of s***?

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CINDY:  1368 days ago

Old saying says "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND" (and slaps you right in the face)....another old saying "EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY".
BOTH of the losers will have their day. I used to think he was a good looking 'man', now I think he's a loser. I've never thought she was even 'nice-looking' with those squinty, beady little sneeky eye's. I would never trust anyone like her. Besides, when she first became 'popular' at the ripe old age of what? 12? wasn't she telling everyone what a CHRISTIAN she was? She give's Christianity a BAD name!
GOD HELP BOTH OF THEM because a TRUE CHRISTIAN doesn't have affairs, trust me, I've been there. Couldn't sleep at night, did a lot of praying.
I HOPE they are never able to have children & I hope his ex fights to keep her children away from both of them.

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