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Blake Lively Goes Red -- Like the New 'Do?

Blake Lively debuted a new 'do at the Time 100 party last night -- showing up with red hair!

The "Gossip Girl" star said goodbye to her blonde locks and followed the likes of Whitney Port, Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore into the ginger trend.

Check out the gallery to vote on whether you like the look -- plus see more stars who have gone red!

Comments (6)

Ali:  1375 days ago

Wow! She looks like a mermaid! I think she pulls it off though.

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Diane K.:  1374 days ago

I think she looks FABULOUS as a redhead. I'm tired of seeing Hollywood actresses as only blonde. The more famous they become, the blonder they get. I love red hair and she has the coloring and features to carry it off well. I don't know why people are so critical of others and why there is so much opposition to change.

For years, people complained that Jennifer Aniston needed a makeover, that although they loved her hair long, they were sick of the same old look. But when she finally changed her style with the long bob, the same people complained saying it was unattractive. Personally, I think Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful with the long bob, that Blake Lively looks beautiful as a redhead, and I applaud them for having the courage to make a change.

Diane K.

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Eliza:  1367 days ago

Definitely dig the red hair. It makes her stand out. I really never thought she was all that pretty, but with the red locks she looks gorgeous.

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Bob Roses:  1338 days ago

I don't believe anyone could make her look anything but beautiful. No matter how bad the photographer

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Teri:  1338 days ago

Very Gisele-ish Don't you think!

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Bob Roses:  1336 days ago there any way whe could look anything but ravishing???

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