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Who Went Home on 'American Idol'?

Casey Abrams was eliminated from "American Idol" Thursday, but this time the judges couldn't save him.

The bearded 20-year-old, who stood out from his very first audition, got a reprieve several weeks ago when Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler unanimously voted to use their one-time save and keep him in the competition. 

Ryan Seacrest hinted there would be a shocking elimination Thursday, saying "a lot of fans are going to be disappointed."

Safe this week were Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin and Haley Reinhart, whom Abrams is rumored to be dating.

During his final performance to "I Put A Spell On You," Abrams locked eyes with Reinhart, only adding fuel to those rumors.

Comments (13)

Renee Brown:  1372 days ago

Casey should have stayed. He has a very unique voice and is a wonderful entertainer. I could watch him all day!!!! In my opinion, Haley or Jacob should have been up. Jacob has been in the bottom so many times and has yet to prove hes a entertainer, its the same thing every week with him. Haley is an okay singer, but her performance is always the same. She doesnt use the stage or connect with the audience. You can always expect the same from both performers!!!! At least Casey changed things up every week. You never know what to expect with him. Hes an excellent singer performer. He has always worked the stage and connected with his fans. Im not happy with the decision!!!! As many others!!!!!!

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Michelle:  1372 days ago

I agree with Renee....Jacob and Haley are good singers, but still have yet to perform. I hate that Pia was voted off so early- she was great!

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Zoe:  1372 days ago

Haley should go home?! She is the best performer there. I think it was time for Casey to go. His last performance proved him to be more of a comedy singer than anything. He looked like he belonged in a funny movie or something. His voice is really not all that great. I still do love him! But I agree, Jacob should be next.

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Barbara:  1372 days ago

I never cared for his might have helped him to quit turned me off for sure!

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Sherry:  1372 days ago

I am crushed that Casey is gone! He is an excellent musician and artist! Idol will not be the same without him.

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Joe:  1372 days ago

Why worry I didn't care for Casey at all and Jacob needs to go. But Pia is already working on a recording a album. My opinion is Durbin is going to win it he rocks the stage every week. But Scotty & Lauren will country contracts that's a fact. And Hali will make out just fine she has the looks.

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D.R.:  1372 days ago

I have been waiting for Jacob and Casey to go from the beginning. Jacob is a screamer and Casey is a growler -- neither bring much to the table. Both are a snoozefest.

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Summer:  1372 days ago

Casey should've stayed......... Jacob should've went home he's more of church type singer

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GordyK:  1372 days ago

I have no doubt that the American Idol Tour, with the 11 top singers, will be a great show as long as the kids are allowed to sing their songs and not be over-directed, over-produced and stuck in categories. The lack of record iTune downloads this season is more of a result of song selection than talent. I would like to see Idol moving forward let the talent sing whatever he or she likes and if they get booted, so be it. But asking teens and 20-somethings to pour their hearts into songs they've never heard or don't like -- and then expecting them to create magic -- is a tad unfair. When you let Durbin do his thing the show is awesome. When you tell country singers to rock it out, not so much. Let them win or lose in their genre and let the record producers change them after the show. There's enough pressure on the kids just being in front of audiences and TV cameras all waiting to rip them apart!

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ambeautiful:  1369 days ago

Casey was an awsome singer and did always change things up i love haley as well so sad that casey is gone but at least she is still in there 2 my opinion haley should win. The last two standing i estimate will be haley and scotty he is pretty good as well. Although Casey is the best.

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marguerite Duncan:  1367 days ago

Scotty is so amazing! Haley is a great singer who deserves to be in the top three. I think James will also be in the top three. He has a great range and is very emotional. Jacob should go next week. I want Scotty to win.

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GreenEyes46:  1366 days ago

James Durban is the BEST singer AI has seen since Daughtry! But hey, it seems peeps like looks, like the south, and has very little with talent. In my eyes, if Durban does not win this year, I will never WATCH AI again. I am an AI addict, but Durban, said it all tonight, he has given all of himself to AI, and if someone else wins, it is due to the producers. OUTTY VA Girl

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Dani:  1366 days ago

Totally agree... Jacob needs to go!!! I liked Casey he was fun... All my votes are going to Lauren and Scotty here though!!!

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