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Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Married -- All the Photos & Details!

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton wrapped up just moments ago with a balcony kiss at Buckingham Palace -- see how the entire event unfolded below.


8:25am ET/5:25 PT: The newlyweds emerge on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and treat the public to not one, but two kisses.


7:25am ET/4:25am PT: The newlyweds arrive at Buckingham Palace wave to the public on their way to Buckingham Palace, followed by the Royal Family.

7:10am ET/4:10am PT: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge board their chariot for Buckingham Palace.



7:03am ET/4:03am PT: Clergy and the bridal party depart Westminster Abbey.



6:57am ET/3:57 am PT: Choir sings "Blest Pair of Sirens."


6:53am ET/3:53am PT: The newlyweds are led away to sign the wedding register.

6:51am ET/3:51am PT: The British national anthem "God Save the Queen" is sung.

6:50am ET/3:50am PT: Another prayer is said.

6:48am ET/3:48am PT: The hymn "Jerusalem" is sung.

6:44am ET/3:44am PT: The Lord's Prayer and blessing is recited.

6:40am ET/3:40am PT: The choir sings again.

6:32am ET/3:32am PT: The Bishop of London says a prayer.

6:28am ET/3:28am PT: The choir sings hymns.

6:24am ET/3:25am PT: James Middleton, Kate's brother, addresses the congregation.

6:20am ET/3:20 am PT: The couple are officially wed.

6:18am ET/3:18am PT: Prince William slips the wedding ring on Kate Middleton's finger.


6:15am ET/3:15am PT: Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton exchange vows.

6:08am ET/3:08am PT: Kate Middleton makes her way to the altar with her father, where she meets her groom.

6:02am ET/3:02 am PT: Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey to great fanfare.




5:52am ET/2:52 PT: Kate Middleton and her father depart the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey. She is wearing a sleeved dress with a V-neck and long train by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Her hair is down.



5:50am ET/2:50am PT: Kate's sister Pippa Middleton, the flower girls, and pages arrive at Westminster Abbey.


5:42am ET/2:42am PT: Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh depart Buckingham Palace for Westminster Abbey. The Queen is wearing a yellow dress and hat.

5:41am ET/2:41am PT: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie arrive at Westminster Abbey wearing bold Phillip Treacy hats.


5:39am ET/2:39am PT: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles depart Clarence House for Westminster Abbey. The Duchess of Cornwall is wearing a dress by Anna Valentine and a hat by Phillip Treacy.


5:35am ET/2:35am PT: The minor members of the Royal Family arrive at Westminster Abbey.

5:25am ET/2:25am PT: Kate Middleton's mother Carole and brother James leave the Goring Hotel for Westminster Abbey. Mrs. Middleton is wearing Catherine Walker, a favorite designer of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


5:18am ET/2:18am PT: Prince William and Prince Harry arrive at Westminster Abbey to great fanfare.


5:13am ET/2:13am PT: Prince William and Prince Harry leave Clarence House via motorcade. The groom is wearing a red uniform from the Irish Guard. His brother is wearing a black uniform from the Household Cavalry.

5:03am ET/2:03am PT: Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha arrive at Westminster Abbey.


4:45am ET/1:45am PT: Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish arrive at Westminster Abbey.


4:35am ET/1:35am PT: Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer and the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, arrives at Westminster Abbey.

4:30am ET/1:30am PT: Guy Richie, Madonna's ex-husband, arrives at Westminster Abbey.


4:20am ET/1:20am PT: Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe arrives at Westminster Abbey.


4:15am ET/1:15am PT: David Beckham and Victoria Beckham arrive at Westminster Abbey. His hair is slicked back, her hair is in a ponytail. He is wearing a Ralph Lauren suit. She is wearing a navy maternity gown from her own line, custom Louboutins and a pillbox hat.


4:00am ET/1:00am PT: Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, arrives at Westminster Abbey. She is wearing a green Alberta Feretti dress.


3:15am ET/12:15am PT: Guests start arriving at Westminster Abbey. There are many fabulous hats.

Comments (20)

Pia :  1369 days ago

Congratulations Prince William and Kate!! Absolutely lovely!! What a beautiful wedding. Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Pia

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Revathi PremKUmar:  1369 days ago

Dear william and kate
It's really very lovely to see u both wedlocked. all the best for ur bright colouful future.

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Olivia:  1369 days ago

Beautiful! Loved her dress, loved her sisters dress, her Moms and all the little flower girls. Beautiful dresses.

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gwendolyn allen:  1369 days ago

LOVELY, what more can I say! Wish I were there!

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consy:  1369 days ago

too gorgeous and lovely.

the menu is Royal indeed

Wishing kate and William all the happiness in the world!!!

there is love , understanding and peace. i can see it around an between them. Thank God 4 Today!

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Tony:  1369 days ago

A very grand marriage. Very beautiful and bless couple. How nice if Princess Diana is present.
May they be well and happy always.

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ptay:  1369 days ago

I adore England and the Brits, my grandparents, brother and nephew are British, so I especially hold the country close to my heart. But this wedding coverage is infuriating. Kate seems like a classy, intelligent woman and I respect the boys for changing the ways of the family, especially Harry….serving in the military and essentially being one of the people. I admire the two sons for their humility and good will, they truly take after their mother and not their awful, corrupt father or grandma. But how America is covering this event is sickening, I almost see it as treason (I'm being overdramatic, of course.) We founded this country to escape the royal family and their dictating ways, so why are we kissing their behinds and caring so much to cover this? Call me overly patriotic but if the good soldiers who died fighting for this nation knew we were submissively catering to the news of that family, they would turn over in their graves. It makes me so angry. They refer to people as "commoners" for Christ's sake. That entire system is deplorable. This is America, who cares what that family is doing. Of course it is a joyous occasion, and as I would any couple, I congratulate them. But again, their family is of no concern to this Nation and to publicize it the way we are only justifies and perpetuates an awful tradition, a tradition this country stands against.

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true:  1369 days ago

And who do we have to offer Brad and Angellina (DANG)

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Iscis:  1369 days ago

What a great day! Lady Diana would be extremely proud. They make a very handsome couple and wish only the best for Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!

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Al:  1369 days ago

@ptay Reading comments like yours and similar ones, I have to assume that for some people, romance is truly dead in a person if one is driven to include politics in the discussion. Frankly, as long as Americans continue to literally worship American Idols and Jersey Shore bimbos, and treat some of their politicians as religious figures, I really wouldn't want to cast aspersions over the interest being shown over what it literally the only ray of happiness and sunshine in a week that has seen hundreds die in storms, a president degraded by opponents who have no other weapon to use except to attack his citizenship, and a once proud space program sounding its death rattle. Lighten up.

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Leslie Liben:  1369 days ago

Congratulations Prince William and Kate. You two are a Beautiful couple, I knew you two were destined for each other since I first saw your images together years ago. I wish you the best in life together.

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dorcas:  1369 days ago

Happy married life.....

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rowena murphy:  1368 days ago

congrats to william and kate may ye live a long happy n healthy life :D

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gogogoai:  1368 days ago

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sandra temby :  1368 days ago

beautiful wedding--may you always be as happy as you are today

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