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Celebrities React to bin Laden's Death on Twitter

Twitter was flooded with reactions to the news of Osama bin Laden's death -- with celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Jim Carrey, Paris Hilton and more all marking the historic moment in 140 characters or less.

As President Obama's momentous speech was broadcast last night, here's who chimed in on Twitter:

Donald Trump:
I want to personally congratulate President Obama and the men women of the Armed Forces for a job very well done. I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory.

We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those fighting for our freedom. God Bless America.

Paris Hilton:
Just landed back in LA, so happy to hear the news of Osama bin Laden's death. He was the face of terrorism and such an evil man. The world is a much better place with him not in it.

Lady Gaga:
Just landed. Watching CNN, what a historical moment in the fight against hatred.

Katy Perry:
It is a GREAT day 4 America & I'm PROUD 2 b an American!

Jim Carrey:
Wow! They killed the Boogieman! I felt something was in the air tonight! Bin Laden era over! S'next? ?;^•

Spike Lee:
President Barack Obama DID DA DAMN THING.

Jimmy Kimmel:
I really hope bin laden didn't get reincarnated as one of Mariah Carey's babies.

Neil Patrick Harris:
Everyone is sitting around my living room, mouths agape. Wow, what a night. Thank you, Mr. President, for such an eloquent speech.

"Laguna Beach" star Stephen Colletti:
Hoping each and every, current and former, member of our US forces are enjoyin two adult beverages, raised, side by side, high into the sky.

Hugh Hefner:
Celebrating at the Mansion with the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Will this end terrorist attacks or increase them?

"Star Trek" star Simon Pegg:
There's a slight sense in the more sensationalist media that the world just completed a particularly tricky video game.

"90210's" Jessica Lowndes:
Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum! The bad guy's dead. Endless appreciation to the troops who have risked their lives,10 yrs fighting terror! Thank you. xo

Alyssa Milano:
Sending love to the @us_navyseals & all divisions of our military tonight. I appreciate your efforts, sacrifice & courage.

"Jersey Shore's" Deena Nicole Cortese:
Its great we finally got one of the biggest leaders of terrorism I love n pray for our troops out there..I really hope theres no retaliation. I hope this gives some type of closure to those who suffered during september 11th or lost a loved one <3 my heart goes out to you

Ian Somerhalder:
Trump demands to see osama death cert :-)

Nick Cannon:

Tabatha Coffey:
Thank you to all American troops and their families for your sacrifices to protect us all .tonight you have Justice.

Olivia Munn:
Coming from a military family and as a proud American- GOD BLESS all the soldiers fighting this war. BIG HUG!! #cantheycomehomenow??

Mindy Kaling:
I hope all families with loved ones who perished on September 11th are feeling some closure. Our country's great.

Tyra Banks:
My brother has been a US soldier for over twenty years. Today I salute him and all of our brave, selfless miltary women and men.

Chad Michael Murray:
What an inspired and great speech by our own Commander-in-chief... Peace to all in this world.

NIcky Hilton:
After 9 years, 8 months and 20 days justice is finally served. #binladenisdead

Lindsay Lohan:

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian:
Omg, Bin Laden!!! Blessings to our troops and a bit of peace for our country and those who lost loved one's in 9/11.

Christina Applegate:
Truly a huge moment.We honor the lives lost at the hand of this insane.shall I say effing Ahole!now let's clean the rest of the messes

Sophia Bush:
Watching Americans, and visitors from around the world, chanting "USA!" together outside the White House is bringing tears to my eyes.

Nick Lachey:
Ding dong, the witch is dead!! It only took nearly 10 years, but bin laden is dead. The world is a better place my friends.....

Billy Ray Cyrus:
Just saw the news! OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead !!! How crazy is that ! Only in my life could i be at FT Hood on the night this happened ...

We'll update with new Tweets as they come in.

Comments (46)

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John:  1371 days ago

good he is gone, but when are going to take accountability for the millions of Iraqis and Afghanis AMERICA killed???????????

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Joel:  1371 days ago

OBAMA DID NOT KILL OSAMA, he just got tired of having two identities

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bkpujari:  1371 days ago

Disease come and go by treatment.Bin laden appeared and vanished.Both are same.Former are cured finding the origin.Similarly origin of later should be found and have treatment so that no BIN LADEN will appear in future in the human society.

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Judy:  1371 days ago

I can hearing and reading that Obama did the deed of killing Bin Laden...Ummmm No the troops did!
Thank you to all the men and women who has worked really hard on helping us stay safe.
Excuse me but did Obama leave his family, friends and life behind so that we may live the American dream? Yeah I didnt think so!

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dijhili:  1371 days ago

Spike Lee - are you just a complete retard? Obama like to take credit, per his speech, however we really need to thank Gitmo for the intel extraction, CIA, and Navy SEAL team 6. The only credit Obama gets is being in office at the time! Stupid Hollywood libs.....

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Randy:  1371 days ago

Some of these statuses confirm to me how silly some people can be...just because osamas dead it doesn't mean we've beat terrorism...its like saying lets hang the most powerful banker in the world and the recession will be over

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Bryan:  1371 days ago

Obama gave the order though.

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ashley:  1371 days ago

Ha, Very True Joel....

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Andrea Jackson:  1371 days ago

WOW! Let someone rape and brutally murder my daugther and them I go off the deep end and torture that person and I'll be the one sitting in jail. Let someone rape and/or brutally murder the country and NOW the sorry SOB deserves to die. I don't get it. It's sending the wrong message.

I'm not going to rejoice over someone else's death, sorry! I will say this though, it's a victory for our wonderful president and GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!

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BCR:  1371 days ago

Did Obama go over and physically kill Did he authorize it and give the order to strike at the proper time.....YES!

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Andrea Jackson:  1371 days ago

@ dijhili & Judy, so according to your philosophy, Bin Laden didn't have anything to do with the attacks on America the people that died performing the acts did??? NO!!!! Bin Laden was behind all of terroism and Obama gave the order to kill him.

As for the celebration, I will NOT be overjoyed over someone else's death. In America, if my loved one is brutally murdered and I retaliate on that person I will be in jail right along with that sorry SOB. But it's still a victory for Obama and our troops. Thanks you guys!

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Sue:  1371 days ago

Stop the insanity!!!!! Bin Laden is just a scapegoat. We are fighting for oil and money...not terrorism. You are all so easily brainwashed. Wake up people...please!!!!!! There is more evidence that he was NOT responsible for 9/11 than that he was. Love your planet and do not divide. The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Judy:  1371 days ago

Yeah Andrea, get you're person right I never said any of that. I merly stated that Obama didnt do the "hard work" he was at the right place at the right time.

so get you're facts before lashing out at someone!!

I bet if any of these peoples kids or family was in those building and died it would be a diffrent story!
Some of these people died a very painful death and for what? They didnt do anything to anyone. I agree with you Dijhili! I am glad he is gone and not a threat to this counrty any longer, not to say we still dont have to be on our toes!

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Stupidity2damnHigh:  1371 days ago

You just gotta love the haters that can't accept the fact that this is a plus for Obama. I betcha if Bush was still in office this would be a success for him but Obama's in no it's only the soldiers success. Obama authorized it. They can't be heroes without his consent so YES this is a Victory for Obama.
Funny how those CONservatives and RepubliCONs talk crap about how Iraq and the rest of these countries Dubya invaded for no reason are now Obama's wars and whatever happens is on his shoulder. Now something good come out of this and you just have to bring Bush into this. Well no matter how many times you slice it or change it to fit your pathetic need.....OBAMA GOT OSAMA!! GET USE TO HEARING THAT!!!
USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!! God Bless the United States and the world.

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