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Beyonce Surprises Harlem School Flash Mob!

The kids of PS 161 in Harlem got a huge surprise yesterday when doing a choreographed dance to one of Beyonce's songs -- Beyonce herself!

While the group was midway through a routine for "Move Your Body," Knowles popped up out of nowhere and joined on in. The reaction shots on some of the kids' faces are priceless.

The dance was part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative, where schools around the country simultaneously broke into the routine to promote the fight against childhood obesity.

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danceluvr:  1367 days ago

Oh I wish that I was one of those kids! Lucky them!

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Danni111972:  1367 days ago

That was really nice of Beyonce. She made those kids week! She still knew all the moves too. I smiled the whole time watching because of the joy she brought to those children. Awesome thing to do.

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Pinky:  1367 days ago

Gotta love the kids in Harlem. They didn't miss a step when she joined in, just kept dancing: had to finish dancing. THEN freak out! LOVE IT!!

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