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Tori Spelling Shows Off Baby Bump, New Tattoo

Not only does Tori Spelling have a new baby on the way, she's also got a new tattoo -- and she's showing it off, along with her pregnant belly, in a brand new bikini photo!

Taken just yesterday, Tori was photographed sunning her bones at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs -- where her baby bump was on full display as well as her new ink. Click the gallery below to Zoom In:

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The tattoo, which are husband Dean McDermott's vows, reads "Journey with me my love and I promise you my heart and I promise you my soul for my bounty is as boundless as the sea, and my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."

The second half of the quote is from "Romeo & Juliet."

Spelling, who is currently 4 months along, announced her pregnancy in April.

The couple, who wed in 2006, already have 4-year-old son Liam and daughter Stella, who turns 3 in June. Dean also has one son, 12-year-old Jack, from a previous marriage.

Comments (10)

Joelle:  1367 days ago

She looks so much better when she has weight on her bones. When she is pregnant, she has to for the baby. I just wish she would keep some weight on her after. She looks so much more pretty and normal when she does. When she is so thin it makes her look so old!

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Katy:  1367 days ago

I'm sorry - the tattoo says, "I'm trying hard to show the world our love is real" - he's a jerk to her and makes her feel insecure. That husband of hers is a s***bag riding the money train all the way to the bank. Tori - you could have done sooooooooooooo much better! He's a tool and mark my words, he'll do to her what he did to his first wife as soon as Tori stops bringing in the big paychecks.

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WHATEVER:  1366 days ago

I agree, her husband is an immature jerk who doesn't care how much he stresses her out. He likes to remind her too, that she "loves being a workaholic". Well, she pretty much HAS to.
Also, weird spot for a tattoo, and yes the tattoo shows Tori's insecurity with Dean.

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J:  1366 days ago

First of all you are NOT a whore just because you have tattoos~I mean come on get real!!

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Holly:  1366 days ago

I think she looks good!! To Ken's comment, I have a tattoo and i am far from being a whore, you shouldn't stereotype like that. you probably have a tramp stamp!!! :)

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Betty:  1366 days ago

I give Tori a lot of credit and respect her as she has to be a workaholic cause
Her dead beat husband is a lamebrain who doesn't know what work is, he's a
Lousy actor and knew what he was doing when he married Tori $$$$$$$$$

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lala:  1366 days ago

who is Tori Spelling? Why should anyone care about her offspring and/or her tatoo?????? I linked into this because someone emailed me with the caption :why are women so stupid?" To answer the question, "Why . . .. " I suppose its to get someone like me to
"Bite" and respond to a noneity's rediculous exhibitionistic behavior. My hope is Tori is the exception and most other young women are exhibiting greater brain power and character.

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ghjgghjkj:  1366 days ago

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just sayin:  1366 days ago

@Holly, funny you say not to sterotype others about them having a tattoo, then you say "you probably have a tramp stamp!!! :)" is'nt that the pot calling the kettle black?? I have a tattoo as well and I'm not a whore but since it is a "tramp stamp" does that change your mind about who I am just because of where my tattoo is placed? Just sayin...

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Toni:  1357 days ago

LOVE Tori & Dean.... they are the CUTEST couple & I think they are truly in love. Why does everyone like to stomp all over someone elses happiness, geez.

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