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George Clooney's Girlfriend Gets Naked for PETA

It may be George Clooney's birthday tomorrow, but it's his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis who's stripping down to her birthday suit!


Canalis stripped down to nothing for a new anti-fur ad for PETA -- joining the ranks of Khloe Kardashian, Karina Smirnoff and Taraji P. Henson, who have also gone nude for the cause.

Elisabetta says her aversion to fur started when she was young, after watching a shocking documentary. "I was shocked because I was a little girl, but by that moment I thought that I would never, never, never wear fur in my life."

Her ad will launch this fall -- but check out the sneak peek at the photo shoot above, plus see other stars who've posed for PETA below!


Comments (6)

marmot:  1367 days ago

She's still a fake, a hypocrite, and a lying famewhore. She wears lots of leather, including leather pants, boots, jackets, and handbags, as do***ented in numerous photographs. She eats KFC, as she herself "tweeted" when she had a Twitter account; levipere still has a screenshot of the tweet if anyone is interested in looking at it. She wore fur to the Rome Film Festival in 2009, as do***ented in photographs, and ate the veal dinner served there. And there's that pic of her being too lazy and uncaring to pick her dog up with her hands: She dumped the dog she "adopted" in L.A., solely for a photo op, onto her mother. This is just another famewhore publicity ploy. She's a fake, always has been, always will be. Her publicity contract ended in December, when she was allowed to do one last photo op with Clooney, and she hasn't been near him since then.

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Hisjules:  1367 days ago


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Saph:  1367 days ago

Hypocrite but then what else is new. In the past 12 months Elisabetta has had no qualms wearing fur, leather, uggs and buying Prada handbags like they are going out of style. Plus she works for Cavalli who just loves using fur. Her ribs sticking out like that is really unattractive but then so is her boy like face. PETA really couldn't find someone who had an actual talent? George hasn't been seen with her for months but hey until people work out they have split she can call herself the girlfriend off. Which according to her is an occupation. PETA should be ashamed they really need to check at least a little. Makes me wonder how committed they are to the cause if they use such bad role models.

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Dannielle:  1366 days ago

what a liar- started when she was a child? funny, she looks grown up in these recent photos:
Nov 2010-
Multiple dates- nice leather Prada bag, Liz!
Nov 2010 again- leather jacket and suede boots- a great look actually

all aboard the FAIL train! just another celebrity nut job trying to get attention through a radical group's porn ads.

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