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Prince William & Kate Are Coming to the US!

Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton Duchess Catherine will be making a visit to the States this summer -- and it's her first trip to the US!

According to palace officials, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit California, United States of America, following their Tour of Canada in July this year.  The Couple will visit the State of California from 8th July to 10th July 2011."

The palace also says it's William's first official visit and Kate's first trip ever to America.

No word yet on where they'll be traveling to ... but fingers crossed for L.A.!

Comments (3)

Donnamarie:  1361 days ago

Yayyyyyy thats all we need. Much commotion and a Duchess here in USA. Lets move onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Stanley Janusz:  1357 days ago

I do not think that Kate and William should be allowed the U.S. because they did not allow President Obama nor his wife to atttend their wedding. They are a bunch of lying hypocrites who contradict themselves. That's chutzpah!

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Nada:  1331 days ago

If at all possible I want to fly across the US to see them, they are fantastic, and I can't get enough of them. Everybody should welcome them into the US. Obama would have been out of his place if he had been invited to the wedding. He had no business contaminating those sophisticated and cultivated royals. But, alas, some say he is a credit to his race. If they want to believe that, let them.

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