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First Listen: 'Glee' Cast Covers Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

What better day to listen to "Glee's" version of "Friday" than today? We so excited! 0506_glee_large

Just when you thought the covers and parodies of Rebecca Black's now-infamous viral hit were over, we've got one more -- courtesy of Mark Salling, Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet.

The trio will perform the song during next week's "Prom Queen" episode of the show, which also marks the return of Jonathan Groff's Jesse St. James.

Check it out above -- what do you think?!

Comments (7)

Hisjules:  1361 days ago


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las:  1361 days ago

jumped the shark

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cherice:  1360 days ago

i love it!!!!
since there are so many people hating on rebecca, its a very good thing Glee is performing it!!!

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kristen:  1359 days ago

Cheap publicity covering this song.


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john:  1359 days ago

So bad, Rebecca Black's version was at least tolerable (then catchy, then on Amazon!!!), this is just horrendous.

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blob:  1352 days ago

ugh shut up

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HeyItsIrish:  1302 days ago

I love this version! Glee is awesome and doing a song by an underdog just brings what its about even more. This was great.

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