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Arnold & Maria Announce Split After Celebrating Mother's Day Together

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced their separation last night -- just one day after celebrating Mother's Day together with their children in L.A.

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Arnold and Maria, who have been married for 25 years, were spotted leaving Ivy by the Shore separately on Sunday afternoon with two of their four children. One of their sons left with Arnold and one of their daughters left with Maria.

It appears as though Arnold was still wearing his wedding ring.

"After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. At this time, we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship," the couple said yesterday in a joint statement.

"We are continuing to parent our four children together. They are the light and center of both of our lives," they add -- saying they will have no further comment.

Arnold and Maria married in 1986 on Cape Cod.

Comments (13)

Molly green:  1360 days ago

Support for Maria Shriver has always backed Arnold from the beginning .
He seems difficult and self centered and has never seemed family oriented.
Do hope her religious beliefs don,t hold her back by seeking and finding a partner in life will respect her. Gov. Always seemed disinterested in marriage.
Sorry it happens to anyone. Good luck to Maria.

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lela:  1353 days ago

It seems you're doing the right thing praying and communicating. May God bless the both of you in what ever decision you make. You're trying to have a relationship to continue to raise your children. No one can ask anything else of the both of you. What ever decisions is made is for the betterment of your family and not your friends and fans. Praying with you.

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Elaine Strachan:  1352 days ago

I am so happy for her . He never seemed as if he was in love with her and she can now move on i hope she finds true love because she really deserve it.I will be praying for you and your family be strong

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Ginnie B.:  1352 days ago

Maria, you have always reminded me of your grandmother Rose...through all of her challenges,and there were many, her faith sustained her...she had a real relationship with gave her the strength and Grace to triumph over it all...may you find that will give you a peace that passes all understanding.

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Maria :  1352 days ago

Maria, God is in your side, I was marry 40 years and I face the same issued. Faith and my children keep me going.....My prayers are with you.

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marisa navarro:  1351 days ago

Be strong and pray. You will find true love. You are smart and beautiful. Good luck. Take Care.

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Kathy Sweet:  1351 days ago

I went through the same thing 6 years ago Maria.
I thought I would never make it through it but once I did I knew I never wanted to go through it again.
Dont even think of going back. Cheaters dont change, they just fool you for a while but they are incapable of changing.
God Bless you and your children. Dont look back as that is what will stop you from moving ahead !

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win winter:  1350 days ago

Maria we are with you Arnold never seemed to be in love with you just who you were and your background it was an oppertunity for hism you have 4 lovely children cheris tham keep them close to you and bring them up the R way everything will work out remember you lie with dogs you get flees.You are alady and have always conducted yourself in that way.

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Dalilah Bee:  1350 days ago

Maria you are an honorable human being, gorgeous inside & out, this country admires and respects you, and you can count on the support of all of us, women; the best in your future is yet to'll see dear !

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Kristina:  1348 days ago

Maria is so sweet. I can kind of tell she had been crying before making the "transition" video. I've been through a lot of great difficulties, and I do not think that families should break up. First, I know that it really helps to get away. Go to a place with new scenery; but take all of your kids with you if possible. All of you should take time off, relax, talk, have breakfast in bed, etc. Take bike rides in nature and enjoy different scenery. Then, maybe let Arnold come visit in this new environment. Next, it is excellent to work. I know Maria always has meaningful, fulfilling, productive, purposeful projects. It REALLY helps to work 8 hours a day. But, when the day is over and you are driving home everything comes to mind and you are amazed that you did not think about it all day. It is also very important to get very close to God. All things are possible with God. Even though Arnold did these things, God still loves him, and I know the entire family still loves him too. Get close to God and let God direct your steps. Maria, you have always acknowledged God in all your ways and He will direct your steps. Don’t do anything that is permanent for 12 months at least. Think and pray. Do not take anyone’s advice except God’s, and do not worry about what anyone thinks. Arnold is a great man, and I would trust in God about rebuilding the family. It is not necessary to add anyone new to the family. I know women who say, "If I had known then what I know now, I would never have divorced my husband." Divorce is not really the answer, but the question is, "Is Arnold willing and able to change?"

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carmen:  1348 days ago

Maria , I feel very sorry of what happened in your marriage, may be God sent you this horrible situation, to make you stronger, because God loves you and has something better for you.You deserve some one with your class and intelligence like you and your Family, (Kennedy), not an ignorant opportunist like that men. He probed How low and cheap is when he picked some one who can kiss the floor where you stand. To me he is nothing less than trash, please do not go back to him you deserve better. At the End you won,because he lost you.

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Gemechu:  1308 days ago

Maria You did a right thing. Do not go back to that trash man......

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maria:  1308 days ago

Maria. everybody is praying for you, to find
the right man who deserves you. You are a decent, good lady , you don't deserve a trash like Arnold.
Arnold you can go back to your maid, may you both rot in hell.

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