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Chelsea Handler on 50 Cent -- 'We Dated, Casually'

Chelsea Handler is finally owning up to dating 50 Cent -- admitting to Piers Morgan she and the rapper had a brief fling after she broke up with ex-boyfriend Ted Harbert.

"We dated, very casually" she told Morgan last night on his CNN show, adding "He's a very sweet nice guy. I was just sampling kind of the atmosphere and seeing what was out there. I was newly single and wanted to date a bunch of people and I did ... I'm satiated."

Of 50, she also added "He was fun, he's a great guy, the complete antithessis of what you would imagine. He's sweet, funny, has a great sense of humor."

It didn't last though -- Handler is now dating Uma Thurman's ex, Andre Balazas.

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Stupid People Hater:  1358 days ago

Haqhah, blond chick witha big black ****. Sounds about right, casually.

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foxey:  1358 days ago

once you go black, ya nevah go back, lol... she ain't gonna be with this little **** nu man for long. she may even still be hitting 50 on the side.

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chaoxiao:  1357 days ago

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