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Report: Taylor Armstrong Splits From Husband Russell

0511_armstrongOne of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" may not be a wife much longer -- because Taylor Armstrong has reportedly separated from her husband, Russell.

The duo -- who had their share of marriage issues during Season One -- were seen together as recently as May 7th, posing as a happy family with daughter Kennedy (right), but an insider tells Us Weekly "They've had huge marital problems related to finances" and have indeed split.

No official word yet from Taylor of Russell, who have been married seven years.

Comments (9)

Jennifer :  1361 days ago

It's about time. The guy seemed as dull as a lump of coal on season one. Hope they both find some happiness, so they can show their daughter what a real healthy relationship should look like. Why settle?

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Suni:  1361 days ago

Give me a dull guy anyday. They are apt to be more stable and true to the relationship. Better that than some hottie that bounces in and out of one shallow relationship after another.

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Diann:  1361 days ago

I disagree..Having a dull guy is not a good thing..I willing to bet you all those business trips and not begin able to show her affection that it was something else going will come out later stay tune...She's a pretty girl good head on her shoulders and good attitude she'll be ok..and maybe he will find someone more to his liking as welll...I wish the best for both..Remember they do have a little girl to consider...

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Judy:  1361 days ago

Lets be real, She has always been a money grubbing women, heck she admitted that on national tv. On to the next guy who can support her lavish life style! She needs to find a man that can afford and talk her into taking out those Mick Jagger look a like lips!

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jennifer:  1361 days ago

i have to agree with Diann- i thought the same thing of his business trips..
good luck to both of them. i doubt she will have any problem finding someone else although hopefully she will wait awhile and focus on her adorable daughter.

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jj:  1360 days ago

Taylor obviously married this guy and had his baby for the money. That is very obvious. Although, I am not sure why she was on the real housewives of beverly hills? Her house looks like any other regular persons house, I never once saw her wear shoes with red bottoms (Loub's) like Adrienne and Lisa... and her lavish bday party she had for Kennedy was not as much money as she claimed. Buying necklaces for $800 dollars was cheap and tacky. What 5 year old wants a necklace? She should have just make goody bags instead. She needs to take out those horrible lips, and UNDO her cheek implants and temple implants. She is all around fake. Instead of her spending money on herself, she should be spending her money on her daughter for SPEECH classes. There is obviously something wrong with the way she communicates with people. Invest your money on a DR. for your daughter. Please!~

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Michelle :  1360 days ago

The girl who thinks a dull guy is more likely to be faithful is full of ****z.

If he has a penis -- He can cheat on you.

Ugly men cheat, fat guys cheat, bald guys cheat, hot guys cheat--It's a guy thing-- If he wants to cheat he will wheater he's dull or prince effing charming!

On Taylor--She admitted on the show that SHE pursued Russell FOR MONTHS and he wanted nothing to do with her and was happy single. So ladies quit texting, calling, chasing--Even if the guy gives in HE WAS NEVER THAT INTO YOU! If a man is into you he will do the chasing and wooing. Taylor made a mistake chasing him. On looks, Russell is not a head-turner but he makes enough money to throw his kid a 60K dollar B-day party. If you dont think women chase dull men with money then I have a bridge to sell you.

Taylor always seemed sad on the show. Russell paid more attention to the furniture then he did to her. She seemed to trade her happiness for the ability to buy anything by Chanel that she wanted.

Money can't buy you love..... Beatles said it best.

Let's hope she picks a man based what's in his heart and not his wallet

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In the know:  1283 days ago

News flash... he never wanted to do the show, but he agreed so that it would help her and her business get exposure. That's why he stayed out of limelight and didn't have any interest in the drama or cameras action. Too bad Taylor is so fame and money hungry that she chose all that over him.

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mbryan:  1264 days ago

Ok, all you haters, sound off now. Shame on you all. Kennedy is the only real victim now.

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