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See Carrie Fisher's Weight Loss -- 30 Pounds Lighter!

Carrie Fisher was the latest celebrity to join Jenny Craig -- and now we're seeing the former "Star Wars" star's results!

Fisher met her goal and dropped 30 pounds in 18 weeks, and in a press release says "I no longer want to hide in the house."

“I used to feel like I had to apologize for the way I looked whenever I stepped out of the house,” she says. “I spent so much energy coming up with reasons why I was overweight. Now, whenever someone compliments me, I smile and say, ‘well, thank you.’ It’s a great feeling to feel like myself again, and that I am truly worthy of those compliments.”

Check out Carrie's weight loss above -- plus more stars who've lost serious poundage!

Comments (8)

Teresa:  1361 days ago

I hate how the before picture is misleading bc she is wearing a baggy shirt! they should've put her in a form fitting shirt, so we can have a clear idea of how much she actually lost!

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Chas:  1360 days ago

It's good to see Carrie losing weight...for a while there, I thought she'd been genetically combined with a Hutt.

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Joette Bailey:  1359 days ago

Congratulations to Carrie! I'm sure she will feel better about herself when people begin treating her like a first class citizen. When you become large, people act like you are invisible and your comments and/or suggestions tend to provoke silence, as if you could not possibly say anything worth listening to. The worst and most prevalent bigotry in the US is fat bigotry. Once you are fat, it is everywhere. I know from experience. Before I gained a lot of weight (I quit smoking =+60... lbs.)I I have fibromyalgia and exercise hurts like hell) people gave attention to me, my ideas and my humor as if they had value. Not anymore!

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JEREMY:  1359 days ago

Well,I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing her in a metal bikini anytime soon,but I'm glad for her sake she found "the force" within her to get back to a healthier form.

Don't doubt for a second we'll be seeing her in SOME kind of film/TV/stage project down the line.

She IS Hollywood royalty,you know(not just because she PLAYED royalty in a movie,either).

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Justin:  1284 days ago

Joette Bailey -- Maybe people ignore you because you have an attitude. I am fat, make triple digits and influence a lot in my company. I don't whine about bigotry. I speak up, present good ideas, show self-confidence. I seriously doubt"fat bigotry" is the worst bigotry in the country.

Way to go to Carrie. That's awesome!

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Timmy:  1257 days ago

She really does look great! Is she the hot babe from Star Wars? She really is resembling her body from the past s she looks excellent.

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ted409:  1254 days ago

I READ on another site shes lost 50. 30 pounds is 30 pounds no matter what your wearing
theres a lot better pics that you want to see on tmz

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Betty:  1249 days ago

Oh my goodness. Neither photo looks like Carrie Fisher.

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